Request an upgrade to Turkish Airlines Business Class using miles

Turkish Airlines Business Class is one of the most attractive of all classes offered by airlines worldwide, and it is in fact possible to get a free upgrade to Business Class on Turkish Airlines. This means you can have a great experience flying with them without spending any money at all.

The key to getting a free upgrade is having a certain number of miles in your account. This is the only condition that must be met to be able to request a free upgrade from Turkish Airlines.

Turkish Airlines offers its passengers the opportunity to upgrade to Business class using their miles, but how many miles are needed for this?

A passenger subscribing to the Miles&Smiles loyalty program who travels regularly with the Turkish carrier or one of its Star Alliance partners can buy an economy class ticket and use their miles to upgrade to business class.

Miles required for upgrade

Of course, to upgrade to Business class, your account must have the following number of miles, which vary depending on your destination:

If you plan to travel on a domestic route, you must have a minimum of 6250 miles to be able to request an upgrade. On the other hand, if you plan to fly to a destination in Europe, for example, you need a minimum of 11,250 miles for your upgrade to Business class.

Find out here how many miles are required for your upgrades when traveling with Turkish Airlines.

Options available for upgrade with miles

There are two options to upgrade with your miles; Upgrade at least 24 hours in advance and at the last minute.

– Upgraded at least 24 hours ago

To convert an Economy class ticket to Business class, the passenger must call the Turkish Airlines call center or come to the sales office at least 24 hours before your flight. And this is where you can provide your flight details and request an upgrade. The upgrade will be done by deducting the miles from your account.

– Last minute upgrade

The class upgrade you can make when you go to the airport is called a last minute upgrade. In this case, if there is a Business Class seat on the flight, you can do so by going to the counter where you checked in or by saying so when checking in.

By requesting an upgrade, the miles earned are not business class flight miles. The passenger earns miles according to the fare class of his ticket.

You should also know that you cannot request an upgrade with an award ticket. Also, upgrading with miles can only be possible on flights operated and sold by Turkish Airlines.

The upgrade cost and how should the request be made?

The cost is calculated according to the flight. There is no standard price, as in the case of an upgrade to

Business Class: passengers are offered to consult at the check-in counter, by calling the hotline or using the Internet assistant.

You can also pre-order the service online on the Turkey carrier’s website. You must apply in advance, and especially before the end of the registration deadline.

Upgrade at counter upon check-in

Would you like to upgrade by paying with miles, but haven’t processed it at the service desk? The service is also available at the registration desk. It is provided subject to the following factors:

– You are traveling on the carrier’s own flight;

– You are traveling on a codeshare flight, but the operator is Turkish Airlines and the ticket is issued for its block of seats;

– You have a travel document issued and paid for in the original class;

– You have enough award miles.

Necessary factors will be the availability of places and the technical capacity to provide the service. For example, it will not be possible to use bonus miles if the ship originally scheduled for the flight has been replaced and there is no longer a Business lounge on board.

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