Is it possible to change the name on Pegasus flight reservations and how much does it cost?

By buying a planeIs it possible to change the name on Pegasus flight reservations and how much does it cost? ticket at Pegasus and in a rush, several passengers make mistakes by reversing their name, their first name or they make typing errors? They wish to correct a name error on their ticket.

Indeed, when you arrive at the check-in counter, your name on the plane ticket will be checked against the one on your identity document. If you make a mistake, you will simply not be able to board.

The overwhelming majority of the time, verification is still performed. If your name does not correspond exactly to that of your identity document, you cannot board the Pegasus plane.

Pegasus agrees to change, modify or correct the name on the plane ticket?

Like the majority of airlines, Pegasus refuses a name change. This is the reason why when you ask to change the name of a ticket, they announce a very high price which will often cost you more than buying a new ticket for the same flight. Because very often, it is very complex for them to change the name of a passenger and it is sometimes not even possible at the level of the reservation software. It is therefore cheaper and much easier to buy a plane ticket, but it always depends on the availability of seats on the booked flight.

However, it is best to contact the company as soon as possible no matter what. It is strongly advised not to wait until the last moment and to go to the counter at the time of boarding. It will indeed often be too late for any modification, for example. To contact them: you have to go through their Manage Booking or their social networks or by phone.

If the error committed is detected early, less than 24 hours after the inssurance of the flight ticket by Pegasus, the latter allows you to cancel your ticket free of charge, and reserve another with a correct name. Otherwise, beyond this period, the service will not be accessible, and you will be obliged to redo your reservation without being entitled to a refund of your initial ticket.

Change or modify a departure or arrival date of a Pegasus flight: How much does it cost?

It should be noted that if you have gone through a travel comparator or an agency, you often have to deal with them who can help you where Pegasus may not be able to do anything. Beyond this period, you risk paying charges of 80 USD or more. The date change service becomes chargeable when this period is exhausted. You must contact the after-sales service of your airline to inform you of the exact rate charged when changing your date.

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  1. William Brown

    Hi, can you advise how much it would cost to change a return flight datesm with Pegasus airlines. I recently changed outgoing and back by one day and have been charged £350.00 to make the change. This was not made clear at the time of change. I think this is too much, can you advise please

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