One surfboard bag may be carried as SunExpress’s baggage allowance

For every traveler, surf lover, the surfboard is his inseparable companion and his vehicle for surfing the waves and taking breaks. It is therefore the essential accessory that cannot be missing on any of his trips. However, this can be a daunting task due to the obstacles airlines put in place when traveling with a surfboard.

SunExpress Airplane Surfboard Rules

SunExpress does not complicate the task of passengers wishing travel with their surfboards. She offers them to travel with this equipment by plane. The board is placed in the hold. The weight not to exceed is 30kg (otherwise excess baggage must be purchased) for a fee of 49.99 Euros if you take an international flight, and 99.99 TRY if you fly on a domestic rout.

The weight limit is 32 kg while the height is limited to 141 cm (all dimensions combined), because these are the standards stipulated by the European Union, in order to avoid the appearance of back problems of the personnel who are takes care of luggage. Therefore, to transport your surfboard, it must travel with its cover, whether soft or rigid, and meet the requirements set out above.

Carefully pack stolen surfboards

Just try to pack your board as easily as possible and with as little weight as possible. Not just because of excess baggage. Otherwise because with more weight, the person in charge of putting on and taking off the cover of the plane thinks of himself, and when something cannot be caught, then it is thrown away.

On the other hand, the heaviest packages are placed in the lower part of the luggage, so things are more likely to be placed on top. If it is not heavy, the mass will always be treated better.

The most logical thing if you want your boards safe and sound when you arrive at your destination is to pack them in the safest way.

Like most airlines, SunExpress has you sign a material disclaimer. It is therefore best that you take your time to pack your boards properly if you are going to check them in as luggage for air travel.

– Prepare the boards

First, remove the fins from all the boards. Be sure to bring spare fins and the keys to adjust them. Then removing the paraffin from the boards is a good idea. Especially if you are going to a destination where the water is warmer than your usual spots. And don’t forget to bring extra paraffin, suitable for the water temperature of the destination

– Pack each board separately, then put them all in the travel bag

You can use individual covers for each board, which will also help you carry loose boards when you get to your destination. Bubble wrap, protective foam sheets or towels are also widely used.

– Properly place and store the boards

Put the largest on the bottom and stack the others on top from largest to smallest, so that they fit best with each other.

– Use case accessories

The bags usually come with accessories such as spacers for the boards, straps to make sure nothing moves, internal covers for fins and tools. Enjoy them all, as they are designed to better protect the boards and carry everything you need.

Once the boards are placed in the bag, the goal is to best protect the nose, tail and rails. It is usually lined with clothes, towels, pillows, … filling the spaces around and between the boards. Be careful, because if you overdo it with the padding, fewer boards will fit in the cover and you run the risk of having to pay an overweight fee.

– Notify Sunexpress that you are transporting fragile equipment

Finally, you can put Fragile or Handle with Care stickers on your case, so anyone who finds your little friends knows they’re dealing with something delicate.

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