Offers and fares to fly on Corendon Airlines lines

Are you looking for a cheap Corendon Airlines Europe flight to leave for a few days away from the hassle of everyday life? Simply go to the website and simply enter the names of the departure and arrival destinations, and choose the return flights that suit you the most from those offered by the Turkish airline.

For a trip alone or for a weekend with friends or family, you can generate the best Corendon Airlines flight ticket offers online, then you can choose the fare that suits you, choosing between:

– Eco rate

It includes the transport of a hand luggage of 8 kg but the transport of checked luggage is paying. The passenger reserving his seat with the Eco fare has no possibility of change or reimbursement.

The transport of checked baggage is possible by paying a fee, this also includes the transport of special baggage including sports equipment.

Other Features

– Transport of additional equipment in the cabin (handbag) weighing 3 kg.

– Free online check-in

To easily obtain your boarding passes when traveling with the Eco fare, the easiest way is to check in online. This will save you time at the airport if you don’t have any luggage in the hold and the procedure for obtaining your boarding pass is very easy to do from your computer as well as from your smartphone.

– Flex rate

With this fare, you can choose to pay for your trip in advance or upon departure. The Flex fare is suitable for business and leisure travelers who need more flexibility on their travel dates and times. It allows you to book several days before your departure date. You can change your travel dates during this period without incurring a penalty fee. For example, if you want to travel on Monday instead of Friday, you don’t have to pay extra to change your reservation. This applies even if you are flexible about when you leave home you still pay the same costs as someone who has booked a fixed date flight.

Other Features

– Carry an additional bag in the cabin provided that it must weigh 3kg maximum.

– Possibility to check in up to 23kg of luggage free of charge (in one piece).

– Possibility of flight change, cancellation and refund (depending on the price of the booked ticket)

– Premium

This fare gives the passenger access to many advantages and privileges. it includes, in addition to the transport of hand luggage, the transport of a personal item, luggage in the hold, cancellation insurance, fast-track access, priority boarding at all airports and increased flexibility when changing tickets .

Other Features

– Traveling with an additional bag in the cabin of 3kg (in addition to 8kg of hand luggage);

– Carry a free baggage item of 32kg in the hold;

– Choice and free seat selection;

– Meals served free on board;

– Total flexibility in case of change or refund of reservation;

– Priority check-in at the airport, boarding and disembarkation of aircraft for holders of Flex and Premium tickets.

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