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For anyone who is used to flying, they know that choosing the right seat is important for traveling serenely and in comfort, especially if the flight is long haul.

Price of seat selection according to their location on the plane

The prices of the seats offered on board each flight served by SunExpress vary according to their location on board.

The seat selection service is chargeable if the wheelchair is located in the following areas:

Seat Place

Price (International/Domestic Flight)

Near the emergency exit

10,99 €/64.99TL
Front Row

10,99 €/64.99TL

Others Seats

2.99 €/12.99TL

By going to the website or opening its mobile application, you can select a seat of your choice in a few clicks from the My Booking section

Seat for sleeping on the plane, away from the noise of engines and passengers

For passengers who are the type to sleep during plane journeys, it is recommended to opt for the seat near the window, because being on that side, he will not be woken up by his neighbors if they wish to rise from their seats.

It is also advisable to go to the front of the plane which is less noisy. All this, not to mention that the window will be enough support to lay your head.

Stand near the porthole

If you decide to take a chair near the porthole, you can be sure that it will, in most cases, be the quietest. First, you will have only one neighbor, from whom you can always turn away if he annoys you and contemplate the view overboard. Secondly, your neighbors in the row will not overtake you, that is, you will not have to get up and, for example, be distracted from reading an interesting book.

In addition, if you plan to read on an airplane, and the flight will take place during the day, then you will be light and very comfortable in the window, and if at night you will feel less discomfort, and your sleep will not will not be bothered by a request to let you through.

If you like to sit with your legs stretched out, you can do so here in complete freedom, without fear of disturbing anyone. As near the porthole, here you will also have only one neighbor, which means that there will be less chance that you will simply be disturbed. Also, you will get off the plane faster when it lands.

Seat for tall passengers

Traveling by plane can also be a real headache for those with long legs (XLegs). The space between our own seat and the front seat is often small. There is enough to give aches to our legs.

If traveling with your legs curled up is a torment on each of the flights you take, it is better to choose an aisle seat and, even better, one near the emergency exits. So you can stretch your legs any way you want and your body will thank you, especially if it’s a long-haul flight.

SunExpress offers seats for large passages, called XLeg. They are available on all of its aircraft.

Where to sit when traveling with family?

Traveling with children requires a lot of organization. The best is to choose a row of partition. On this type of seat, there is more space and you will be sure not to disturb others since you will not have passengers in front of you.

It can also be a good tip to ensure, if possible, that your row is occupied by the whole family. This way, you will avoid disturbing your neighbors when you need to get up to accompany your children to the toilet.

Seats for passengers afraid of flying

If there are many people who should not be overlooked during flights, they are those who are afraid of flying. It is often difficult to manage your phobia during a trip. The best is therefore to put all the chances on your side so that you stress as little as possible. For this, the seat matters a lot.

Sit on seats located behind the emergency exit

Due to the passage to the emergency hatch, the distance between the row before and after it is much larger, so you will be as comfortable as possible in the row behind the emergency exit. You can stretch your legs, get up and go freely, without even disturbing your neighbors, just like they won’t disturb you.

Passengers traveling with a wheelchair or young passengers (under the age of 14) do not have access to these seats.

These seats are also accessible for passengers traveling with animals in the cabin, pregnant women or passengers with reduced mobility or suffering from physical or mental disorders.

Choose a seat in front of the emergency exit

Chairs are installed that do not recline at all or have a very limited angle of deflection to the rear. If this is critical for you, it is better to ask not to give you a place in this row.

However, the row between the two emergency exits has a plus. There will be extra space for your legs.

What advantage if you sit in a seat located in the rear part of the plane?

That’s not to say these seats are ideal in terms of comfort, but if you’re worried about your own safety, you’ll definitely benefit, as nearly 70% of passengers who survived plane crashes sat in the rear part of the plane.

It’s also worth noting that on lightly loaded flights the back seats are usually empty, and if you don’t want to be disturbed, you can very well ask for a seat there. In this case, you will have a chance to occupy a whole row and not be distracted by your neighbors.

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  1. Teresa

    I book with Lufthansa and I cannot choose the seat even being a Gold StarAlliance member. Doesn’t recognize neither booking reference or e ticket, even in SunExpress App.

  2. Beth Kassalen

    I booked a United flight with one leg each way operated by Sun Express. I was unable to book a seat. Notice reads “Seat map unavailable.” My flight is 7 months away, April 2024. Why can’t I book a seat if I have my Sun confirmation code?

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