Do you know the characteristics of the ExtraFly fare of Turkish Airlines

When planning a trip, buying cheap airline tickets is one of the goals of most travelers. Because flights can add significantly to travel costs, especially if you choose to travel to New York, visit Indonesia, or vacation in South Africa. So finding the bargain you are looking for can be a challenge.

At Turkish Airlines there are many ways to get a cheaper flight and save on your next trip, depending on your flexibility, the destination, when you buy the ticket or the combinations and stopovers you prefer.

With this airline, there are up to three economy class travel fares. Each travel class is divided into several booking classes called booking classes, each represented by a letter of the alphabet.

When a passenger who wishes to purchase a ticket enters the THY website, after determining the date of the flight they want, they are presented with three options including the ExtraFly fare.

ExtraFly is one of the fares offered in Eco class. To qualify for this fare, seats must first be available in the associated booking class.

Characteristics of the ExtraFly fare

– 8 kg of hand luggage;
– 23 kg of checked baggage;
– Meal service;
– Standard seat choice;
– 25% extra miles.

Other benefits and privileges

Passengers can access the airport lounge by inviting a person of their choice. A reduction ranging from 15% to 20% is offered to travelers in the following categories: Student, infant aged two or less, travelers aged between and twelve, traveler with reduced mobility, soldier and son/daughter of a martyr .
Modifying the flight reservation made with ExtraFly: Fares to be paid

Reservation changes are changes to departure date, destination, place of departure, accommodation or transportation.

At the request of the traveler, changes to the registration (re-booking) will be made as far as possible.In the interest of the traveler and to avoid any misunderstandings, requests for rebooking and modification must always be made in writing. The resulting costs must be paid immediately.

Each modification operation costs the passenger 100TL. On the other hand, each cancellation request can cost up to 150TL to its requester.

– Advance ticket reservation

Passengers wishing to book their flight with this fare should be aware that the ticket will no longer be available beyond 7 days before the departure of their selected flight.

– Transport additional baggage

The fees to be paid beyond your baggage limit are as follows:

– 12 Turkish liras per kilogram must be paid for excess baggage allowance in the ExtraFly flight class on direct domestic flights. For domestic connecting flights, the amount of excess baggage is fixed at 18 Turkish liras per kilogram.

– For flights serving Cyprus, excess baggage charges are fixed at 4 Turkish liras per kilogram for students and soldiers.

– For international flights, excess baggage charges vary by destination region for flights with a direct departure point from Turkey, and a difference is paid per kilogram. For international flights via Turkey, baggage fees per kilogram are calculated according to the countries of departure and arrival.

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