Purchasing miles online with Turkish Airlines

In order to pay particular and maximum attention to the loyalty of its customers, Turkish Airlines allows them to earn miles after each expenditure made to book a flight or rent a hotel room from its partners, … These miles can only be purchased by subscribers with Classic Plus, Elite or Elite Plus status.

The Turkish Airlines Buy Smiles service allows any holder of a Miles&Smiles loyalty card to buy miles which will be credited to their subscriber account.

A mile is a conditional bonus unit, the value of which lies in the possibility of obtaining additional benefits during a flight without cash investment. After accumulating a certain number of bonus miles, they can be spent. For example, buy a ticket using Smiles to upgrade your flight quality to business class at no additional cost.

But sometimes you will need additional miles to unlock access to certain privileges, including an award ticket. Don’t worry, Turkish Airlines lets you buy them.

Since the Turkish company allows its customers to transfer bonus miles from one user to another in their personal account, the service of buying and selling miles has become popular. And in addition, this manipulation can be done online, directly on its website.

How many miles can you buy?

Turkish Airlines allows each of its passengers with at least the Classic Plus card to purchase 5,000 miles from their second year of membership in the Miles&Smiles loyalty program. On the other hand, members with Elite or Elite Plus status can buy double, ie 10,000 miles. Each package of 1000 miles costs 70 USD or its equivalent in TRY.

You can buy tickets with miles, but how are they earned and accumulated? You can get bonuses from frequent flights. As well as encouragement when purchasing goods and services from Turkish Airlines partners, booking hotels and renting cars.

Buying Smiles points can be convenient for:

– Maintain current status;
– Buy a premium ticket;
– Make a donation;
– Upgrade;
– To reserve a hotel room;
– Rent a car.

Purchased miles are credited to the account of the cardholder with which the transaction was made. Once registered on his Miles&Smiles account, the cardholder can use them, without prejudice to being able to confirm the correct processing of his purchase on Turkishairlines.com.

Any applicable promotional miles will be credited, in any case, to the account of the primary cardholder. Detailed purchase information is included in the monthly loyalty card movement statement.

Buy miles with AMEX

If you pay for your purchase with the American Express card, you can also earn 1 Membership Rewards point for every dollar spent (or its equivalent in local Turkish currency)

Turkish Airlines also allows you to sell your miles

Anyone who travels with Turkish Airlines and Star Alliance airlines can become a member of the loyalty program. To earn miles for an award, you need to spend money to buy tickets, pay for partner goods/services using a common card. What if there is a certain amount of bonuses in the account, but there is nowhere to spend them?

In accordance with the rules of the program, commercial use of bonuses is prohibited. However, you can sell Bonus miles. To do this, they use a completely legal service for transferring points from one account to another. This operation is strictly regulated:

– The possibility of transfer does not become available until 90 days after enrollment in the program;

– It is impossible to transfer miles provided to a mileage credit – you can only use those that have managed to accumulate on the account;

– Bonuses received cannot be used to increase the level in the program (transition to a status) – it will not be possible to change status, as they are automatically classified as ineligible;

– Points listed cannot be returned;

– Transactions are only allowed between participants over the age of twelve – until this date the Junior program is in effect, which limits opportunities;

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