Online check-in for SunExpress flights: When is this service available?

Checking in on a Sun Express flight is essential before boarding, and if one chooses to do so at the airport, the passenger is therefore obliged to go to the airport early to complete the procedure.

SunExpress fortunately offers the online check-in service, a fast and convenient solution that allows passengers to choose seats and secure a seat on the plane from the comfort of their own home.

Online check-in steps

It is a very important procedure since it is the confirmation of your seat on the flight, you can choose the seat number and reduce the time in the queues. This procedure guarantees you a Boarding Pass, that is to say the boarding card. This card is a document that you will need to present several times at the airport, at baggage check-in counters, at security checks and at boarding gates to access the aircraft.

SunExpress offers you this service and invites you to check in your flight online, in just three minutes.

What data is needed to check-in?

To check in online for a SunExpress flight, all you need is the booking code or flight number, departure time and airport, and your first and last name. The flight number or the booking code must be in your email if you bought the ticket online, if you bought your ticket in an agency, you will have this information on the booking receipt.

Online check-in step by step:

– Enter the reservation code and the name associated with it

– Select a seat (if your fare allows it)

– Review and complete passenger information.

– Validate the check-in and print the boarding pass.

Be aware that your location on the plane can only be decided upon check-in, so choosing the seat you want will either require you to go to the airline counter with plenty of time in advance, or even better, to check in online.

Seats located in the emergency exits are generally assigned at the time of check-in at the airport.

In addition, when checking in online, you can accumulate frequent flyer miles or pay the necessary premium to take advantage of other services offered by the airline.

Among the advantages of this service is that it allows you to go directly to the boarding area when you arrive at the airport, especially if you are traveling with hand luggage only.

When you arrive at the airport, you can go directly to your boarding gate without going through the checkpoints. This way you will save a lot of time.

Do the procedure from check-in kiosks at the airport

In some airports such as Istanbul Airport, there are self check-ins, which are automatic teller machines. It’s the same as an online check-in, but only on a touch screen. You simply enter the requested data and the same machine prints the boarding pass for you. They are available in several languages and there are usually airline staff to help you with any questions.

Deadline for online check-in: When is this service available and non-transferable?

As for the date from which you can check in online, SunExpress allow you to do so from 36 hours to 45 minutes before the departure of your flight. The process is simple, just how and when can vary from company to company depending on their own conditions.

– Scheduled international flight from Turkey or Germany (Dusseldorf, Frankfurt or Munich)

Check-in is open from 36 hours to 1 hour before departure

– International flight served from other destinations

Check-in is possible from 36 hours to 3 hours and fifty minutes before departure

– Domestic flight (connecting two or more airports in Turkey)

It is possible for the passenger to check in his flight from 36 hours and up to a quarter to one hour (45 minutes) before the flight.

Get your boarding pass hassle-free

This practical service allows you to have your boarding pass on your mobile phone without having to print it on paper.

This document has a QR code which is validated in the readers available at the various points of the airport. All you have to do is bring the QR code on the screen of your device closer to the reader and a sound or light signal will indicate the correct identification of the boarding pass.

However, there are some airports where the mobile boarding pass is not accepted in booking confirmations or during online check-in.

For this reason, it is advisable to print the boarding pass even if you have this document on your mobile phone. Also, it may get deleted by accident or not play properly due to download errors or internet connection issues or due to lack of battery in your mobile phone.

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