Turkish Airlines Baggage Status: Track it Online

Some Turkish Airlines passengers, when they arrive at the airport, they are horrified to find that their suitcases or luggage is not there. Do not panic because the Turkish company has set up a baggage tracking system connected to the internet, adding comfort and peace of mind to passengers.

Thanks to a practical service and solution offered by Turkish Airlines, its passengers can follow the movement of their suitcases online or the parcels they send with the cargo service.

Turkish Airlines was one of the first to introduce an online lost baggage tracking service based on the international search program WorldTracer. The International Air Transport Association IATA, which sets standards for international air traffic, was directly involved in its development. WorldTracer is used by nearly three thousand airports around the world. Thanks to this system, thousands of passengers easily find their lost luggage at airports.

Track delayed or lost baggage online

Passengers of the Turkish airline, those who have suffered this inconvenience, can go to Baggage Tracking Page at any when and fill in the following fields: Family name and flight ticket booking reference. And this allows them to follow the routing of their luggage throughout its transfer from the point of departure to its point of arrival.

Whatever the reasons for the loss, the search for the baggage is the responsibility of the air carrier. If the flight was operated by Aeroflot, its employees will be engaged in the search. The search must begin upon receipt of the written request.

Turkish Airlines sends requests to departure and arrival airports for the presence of things and to airports where things could be sent by mistake. When detected, a request is sent for delivery to the destination.

The loss noted is delivered to the address indicated by the owner in the deed. Delivery does not require additional payment and is carried out at the expense of the airline. Upon receipt of things, the passenger can present a passport, coupon and act, which must be kept until the end of the search.

Avoid the loss of luggage: how to do?

Suitcases and bags are often lost through the fault of the passengers themselves, for example if they do not respect or do not know the rules for transporting luggage on a particular route. In this case, it is important to remember that:

Baggage for connecting flights on a payment receipt is delivered to the final destination at the request of the passenger. This must be specified when checking in for the flight, so that the passenger does not end up at the end point and the suitcase is on the baggage claim belt at the intermediate point.

The legislation of some countries imposes the mandatory declaration of prohibited items for import or transit through the green corridor. In this case, you must collect your baggage at the transit point and then check it in again at a special transfer counter.

For legal or technical reasons, many airports cannot reload baggage without your participation. Therefore, always check during transit whether you are not obliged to receive baggage at an intermediate point.

If a passenger is traveling on connecting flights on multiple itinerary receipts, he or she receives the baggage at the connecting airports and checks it again at the check-in counter.

In case of loss of baggage, the passenger must contact the staff of the baggage tracing service before leaving the arrivals area and fill out a special form.

First, how to intervene at the airport?

If you have not collected your baggage when you arrive at the airport, you will need to complete a special Property Irregularity Report (PIR) form. Here you will need to specify:

– Passenger data (surname, first name, date of birth, …

– Flight data (date and airport of departure and arrival);

– Describe the baggage in detail, specifying its color, shape, size, distinctive characteristics, …

You will also need to fill in the baggage ticket information so that you can find it on the boarding pass.

13 Replies to “Turkish Airlines: Baggage Tracking”

  1. David Morrison

    re Kigali to Istanbul flight November 14 2023 –

    The bag in question is a blue roller bag, make is Osprey. I do not have the tracking information at present, will look for it

  2. David Morrison

    I was booked to be on flight TK 6904 from Kigali Rwanda to Istanbul on 14 November 2023. I checked my bag thru to Chicago. Unfortunately the flight left but I was not on it (problem in the terminal hearing the boarding announcement). I cannot find my bag – the workers at the Kigali airport state it is not there, and it is not at Chicago OHare airport baggage area either.

    Please help.

  3. Morteza ketabi

    We lost our package on 28th September in fly 1395 from Istanbul to catania italy
    I want to know when will turkish send it
    Morteza ketabi
    Sholeh shams


    I am looking for my baggage my name is ABDUL-HAMEED ZAAID IBN EUGENE GASKIN
    The baggage tag number is TK 340614

  5. Niko ying

    dear sir, please help me check one luggage,
    and the hotel as below
    jun 23 divani meteora
    jun 24 Athens crowne plaza hotel
    jun 25 Mykonos Dionysos hotel
    jun 26 santorini Maistros hotel
    jun 27 Santorini Maistros hotel
    thanks you very much


    Hi I just flew from Lagos to Edinburgh

    I flew on the 10th of February 2023 from Lagos to Turkey then flew from Turkey to Edinburgh.

    But I only found 3 out of my 6 bags

    Please can you urgently tell me the status of my bag.

    My luggages are one black and 2 grey bags with a green ribbon tied on all the handles.

  7. Alishaan Salim Hassanali Ismael

    Hi I just flew from Kinshasa to Tunis

    I flew on the 4th of December from Ethiopia to Addis then Addis to turkey and then turkey to Tunis.

    But my luggage has not come. I have a business meetings 6 and 7 and I don’t have any clothes.

    Please can you urgently tell me the status of my bag.

    My luggage is a dark grey hard cover bag.
    It has my brand logo of 3 fish like 10 stickers on the entire bag.


    Lost bag, from September 29th, 2022. We filed a complaint at Amsterdam Airport, and the tracking number for that is AMSTK30816.

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