Corendon Airlines flies you all over Europe and around the world

Corendon Airlines operates low-cost flights connecting its Antalya hub to destinations in twenty countries around the world.

Anyone who is already thinking about summer vacation can look forward to it. Because: The airline operates frequencies to top travel destinations in Turkey, and several other countries in Europe, Asia and Africa from Antalya.

The most popular destinations served by Corendon Airlines

The flights of the Turkish company are borrowed by the thousands of passengers each year, flying to sun destinations and historic cities:


Antalya, the Turkish city hosting the main air base of Corendon Airlines, it is a city where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea with a scenic cable car ride. You’ll also visit two of the city’s most popular waterfalls.

Explore Pamukkale and the ancient spa town of Hierapolis from Antalya. If a rafting trip through Turkey doesn’t scare you, you can descend the rapids in an enchanting setting, swim in the clear water, then enjoy a delicious meal by the river.


Ankara, the cosmopolitan capital of Turkey, is located in the middle of the country, in the Central Anatolia region. Nearly 4000 years old – Hittite remains, which were discovered on the spot, attest to this, it is renowned for being a metropolis of culture: it hosts many scenic points of interest such as the opera and the ballet of state, many internationally renowned theater companies and the country’s presidential symphony orchestra.


Bodrum is a picturesque city located in the southwest of Turkey that attracts tourists for the charm of its landscape, the beauty of its beaches and its lively nightlife. But Bodrum is made up of several regions, each as charming as the next.

Bodrum city center is a popular destination for tourists for its various attractions. Between cafes, restaurants and shops, in downtown Bodrum, you will never be bored.

The city is also very lively, especially at night, so you will have the chance to discover Turkish nightlife and party in very original addresses.


To visit Vienna in Austria is to discover a city very rich in history and culture. With its majestic palaces, its many museums, and the entire historic center of the city, the former capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire has managed to retain all its splendor and splendour.

Creative, festive, green, safe, tolerant, … The Austrian capital, at the top of the international rankings on the quality of life, collects praise. Immersion in an ideal city.

The Austrian capital is made up of green spaces. And wildlife is not the only one to benefit. This abundant greenery is one of the elements that have allowed Vienna to win, for ten years in a row and ahead of 230 other cities around the world, the prize for the best quality of life in the city awarded by the American firm Mercer. A ranking originally designed for expatriate executives but many criteria such as traffic, leisure and security also directly affect the daily lives of residents.


Rhodes is a city where there is enough to take care of on the spot. The inhabitants of the island commonly refer to themselves as Tsampikos for men and Tsampikas for women. These names will often come up in conversations.

The city of Rhodes is located on the northern tip of the island and its shape evokes that of a triangle; little tip for our mathematician friends. The heart of the city is home to the Medieval City, an opportunity to take an extraordinary journey into the past, to the time of the knights. This medieval city brings together so much historical wealth that in 1988 it was listed as a World Heritage Site. The imposing castle of the Knights is located in the northwestern part of the city and is an ideal setting for a romantic walk. Besides the medieval monuments and a mosaic of ancient, Byzantine, Ottoman and Italian buildings, the main attractions of the Medieval City are: the Temple of Aphrodite, the Hospital of the Knights (which houses the Archaeological Museum), the Byzantine Museum, the Arsenal, the Museum of Decorative Arts, the Suleiman Mosque and the Palace of Kastellania.


Known as the first seaside destination in Morocco, Agadir and the region enjoy undeniable natural and cultural assets. Agadir has a thousand-year-old cultural heritage, a nature as beautiful as it is diversified, a profusion of typical local products, as well as welcoming and warm inhabitants.

In addition, the city of Agadir is a university city par excellence. It welcomes more than 60,000 young students working in different disciplines and in an environment that offers all the assets necessary for successful integration into the professional world.

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