BolBol: The various solutions to earn miles

Want to earn miles by flying Pegasus? Air travel is a great opportunity to earn miles and convert them into free airline tickets.

In the BolBol loyalty program, miles are bonus points, also called BolPoints, which a customer receives by using the services of the airline Pegasus or its partners. The principle is the same as in any other bonus program: the more actively a passenger cooperates with a carrier, the more miles he accumulates. Thanks to this loyalty program, thousands of travelers can use many services for free, and sometimes even fly without paying any fees by transferring their miles accumulated in their account into an award ticket.

To earn and spend miles, you must become a member of the frequent flyer program. Based on the miles accumulated per year, the customer receives a status in the program. It entitles you to certain privileges. Status miles are valid only for flights with scheduled flights of Pegasus airline or its partners. At the same time, miles for non-essential partner services: car rental, shopping in stores, hotel booking, … do not affect status.

Earn Miles on your other bookings

Earn as many bonus miles as possible by paying for your purchases at Pegasus or using the PeP prepaid card, and increase your chances of receiving travel, extra miles and other rewards.

Participation in the program allows you to earn miles and use them for various rewards. You can earn miles for flights, when making purchases with common cards from partner banks, for staying in hotels, renting cars, when visiting cafes and restaurants, as well as when buying goods and services from program partners. You will be able to redeem miles for flights, upgrades, goods and services from many program partners.

Also earn miles thanks to your bookings. Because many airlines offer you the opportunity to earn miles with many program partners in addition to flight tickets. When you choose the place to make a reservation, you can choose it according to its partnership with your flight miles program or you can go to the contracted page and create a membership in order to have an amount ready miles to this company.

Pegasus Airlines offers you the opportunity to earn miles with partners in travel-oriented programs such as hotel hotels, tours, car rental, as well as your flight reservations.

Earn miles based on the trip you have made with Pegasus or its airline partners, or based on the purchases you make on its platform

Use miles to pay for reservations

Miles are needed not only to obtain status. They can pay for very specific air services:

– Air ticket purchase payment;

– Upgrade;

– Rent cars or hotel rooms;

– Buy products and goods in the BolBol Shop platform.

Earn double miles using the Pegasus mobile app

The BolBol program offers you 250 welcome points. On all your expenses made with this operator or its airline partners, or ground establishments, you generally earn 1 point for 1 TL spent, unless you pay your expenses through the FlyPegasus mobile application, in which case you earn the double miles 2 BolPoints / 1 TL.

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