Canceled flight: Find out how you can request a refund from Corendon Airlines

During any period of the year, Corendon Airlines can cancel flights for various reasons (technical breakdown, staff or air traffic controllers strike, problems at the airport, …), and it could be yours. If this ever happens to you and the airline arrives with a significant delay at your destination, or if your plane does not take off.

If you have been notified that your flight has been canceled by Corendon Airlines, please contact your travel agent as soon as possible. They will be able to advise if there are alternatives within the same time frame. If no other flight is available, they can arrange another transfer as soon as possible.

If, on the other hand, Corendon Airlines will not be able to place you on an alternative flight, you can in this case request a refund from your air carrier.

Need to know Corendon Airlines refund policy?

The reason for flight cancellations by Corendon Airlines is the lack of staff, from passenger screening to aircraft management and flight attendants.

Passengers will be informed immediately of changes and cancellations to their flights and, if possible, re-booked free of charge on other flights of the same airline.

Tickets for canceled flights are therefore no longer valid and cannot be transferred to other airlines. In the event of a change of reservation, the passenger receives a new ticket.

Passengers who decide not to take a replacement flight are entitled to refund

The passenger can claim and request the refund of the ticket price if he decides to give up his reservation after confirming that his flight is cancelled. However, He must wait up to five hours (5h) at the airport (beyond the original departure time) to have access to this right.

In addition to refund, a flight cancellation entitles you to compensation

Passengers are not necessarily entitled to a refund only, but to generous compensation. The legal situation is clear here, as the EU regulation on air passenger rights only provides for compensation payments if the airline cancels the flight less than two weeks (fourteen days) before departure.

Flight canceled by the passenger: is the right to reimbursement preserved?

Canceling a Corendon Airlines flight reservation a few days before departure, this situation can occur. Travel plans can suddenly change for various reasons, prompting the passenger to cancel their reservation. In this situation, the passenger wants to have an answer to a single question: Is his plane ticket refundable?

Yes or no, this remains relative to the booking conditions of the ticket purchased by the passenger. You can consult on this page the cancellation and refund policy for airline tickets issued by the Turkish airline.

Refund for lost or damaged baggage

If the suitcase has not arrived, passengers can claim damages from the airline, up to 1400 euros. The air carrier will reimburse the current value of the contents of the bag and the cost of replacement purchases.

Corendon Airlines handles refund requests through two contact channels

The refund request service at Corendon Airlines is available:

– Online

Most often, your requests for reimbursement of booking fees are automatically transmitted to the bank account or credit card with which you made the payment. However, this process sometimes remains at your expense.

Do you want to request a refund online? Go to this page of the Corendon Airlines website, and confirm the sending of your request and that’s it.

– By telephone

It is an effective means of communication where the passenger can interact directly with a Corendon Airlines customer service agent. The service can be contacted at all times, at 444.4.737 (if you are traveling from Turkey). Find the other telephone contact details here.

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