Animals and pets including dogs are allowed on Corendon Airlines flights subject to certain rules

Dog, cat or bird, if you wish to travel with animals by plane with Corendon Airlines, certain preparations are essential and the well-being of the animal must always come first.

If pets are supposed to travel with you, this does not seem to be a problem at first glance, whether by plane or ferry. And yet hundreds of animals are being abandoned again these days. Their vacation-ready owners usually feel overwhelmed with the preparations needed to make if the dog or cat is to come on vacation.

Your pets can travel with you, in the cabin only

Traveling with a dog or cat is basically possible with Corendon Airlines, as long as the four-legged friend has the right criteria.

Carry Bag Rules: Weight and Dimensions

It should be noted that Corendon Airlines only allows dogs and cats to be carried in the cabin. Accordingly, only lightweight pets are actually allowed to fly, the pet with the bag has a maximum weight of 8 kg.

Can your pet board? Then you must also comply with several requirements for the bag. It must not exceed the dimensions 55 x 40 x 23 cm, but must be waterproof, breathable, sealed and bite resistant.

Also, your pet should have enough space in it. This means that he must be able to stand up, turn around and lie down in the carry bag. Only one animal is allowed per bag and only one bag per person.

In addition, boarding animals on Corendon flights is generally only permitted on short and medium-haul routes. Dogs and cats are not permitted on flights to Ireland and Great Britain.

Animals on board Corendon Airlines flights: Carriage fare

If your four-legged friend has the right dimensions and weight, and a suitable carrying bag, he can be taken on flights served by Turkey’s air carrier for 40 Euros.

Book a plane ticket for dogs and other pets?

This can only be possible by going to a Corendon Airlines agency or by contacting the airline’s customer service by telephone: 444.4.737. Find other contact numbers here.

Assistance dogs are also accepted in the cabin

Corendon Airlines explicitly states on its website that guide dogs can also be carried in the cabin. However, as four animals are allowed on board per flight, you should find out as soon as possible if this space is still available.

check-in of the animal on the flight: Procedures and formalities before boardingĀ 

If you plan to take your companion with you, don’t forget to update their vaccinations and papers: they too need a passport to travel abroad.

The passenger must present when checking in the animal (dog), his vaccination record proving that he was vaccinated against rabies at the age of three months (12 weeks), and that on the day of departure, three weeks had already passed after his rabies vaccine.

The animal must have its own travel passport also showing that it is treated against Echinococcus multilocularis. A health certificate is also required before boarding.

If you travel with your dog or cat by plane, they must be identified, up to date with their anti-rabies vaccination and be in possession of a European passport provided and completed by a veterinarian.

Only the electronic chip is recognized as a means of identification for travel within the European Union, except for animals identified by tattoo before this date. In addition, do not hesitate to ask your veterinarian, because some countries impose additional mandatory measures to bring your animal into the territory.

Age limit for a pet traveling on a Corendon Airlines flight

They must be four months or older if you are traveling to a European Union country, and seven months or older if you plan to fly from an airport outside the EU.

What to do during the plane ride?

During the summer period, take the necessary precautions to protect your animals from excessive heat: do not leave your animal, even for a short time, locked in your vehicle or in an untemperate environment, even if it has enough water. and if the vehicle has the windows ajar. An animal can die very quickly from heat stroke. Don’t forget to regularly offer him fresh water and take him out to stretch him. You can also wet his body frequently to cool him down.

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