Upgrade to SunExpress Premium fare: Many advantages are granted to passengers

Upgrading is a commercial technique used by most airlines including SunExpress to build customer loyalty.

With the Turkish company, the possibility of traveling with a higher fare is offered to all passengers, whether or not they travel regularly on its lines.

However, there are some tricks to benefit from it for free. Among the best known, fly during off-peak periods and arrive at the airport early to be the first to ask to benefit from it. But with the upgrade program established by SunEpxress, upgrading just got easier.

Passengers can upgrade fare classes online in the My Reservations section. They can request upgrades on multiple flights at once.

Members can join upgrade waitlists on multiple trips. Spreading upgrade requests across multiple trips makes it more likely that one or more of their trips will be upgraded. Passengers can always confirm upgrades when booking if seats are available.

Passengers have the option to upgrade to and from SunEco fare, to SunClassic and SunPremium, with one click by paying the fare difference only.

Why request an upgrade from SunExpress?

Getting upgraded would not be such an unattainable dream, it would just be enough to know how to go about it. Say goodbye to seats that are too narrow, knees glued to the walls of the plane, and give way to the comfort of business class.

Taking advantage of a SunExpress flight by booking with the SunPremium fare is a unique experience that completely transforms your trip. No more crying toddlers, suspicious food, rigid seats and overwhelmed hostesses. At the front of the device, it’s rather petit fours, tranquility and dishes from great chefs.

When you fly with the SunPremium fare, the seats are wider and more comfortable than when you fly with the SunEco fare, and you will be treated to a gourmet meal away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the plane.

Upgrading a SunExpress fare: How much does it cost?

– Flight in Turkey (Interior)

The Turkish airline offers upgrade offers at attractive prices. To switch from the SunEco fare to the SunClassic fare, you must pay 59.99 Turkish Lira, and 149.99 Turkish Lira if you wish to switch to the SunPremium fare.

– International flight

And to upgrade your ticket to SunPremium while traveling on an international line, you must pay €59.99, and €21.99 to upgrade the ticket to SunClassic.

SunEco, SunClassic or SunPremium, what’s the difference?

When you pay for a flight with the SunPremium fare, the seats will generally be larger and more comfortable compared to flights booked with the SunEco fare. When traveling with the higher fare, you sit on seats that extend. Many travelers want to grant themselves the privilege of sitting in a vacant seat at the front of the plane.

Benefit from an improved baggage allowance

When you upgrade on a SunExpress flight, it means you can travel with extra pounds of luggage. You can carry 25kg of baggage in the hold instead of 15kg.

Have more flexibility

As plans can change quickly, it is best that you travel with the SunPremium fare, this means that you benefit from total flexibility when booking your plane ticket. And you can cancel it at the last moments without losing your right to reimbursement.

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