Until when can a pregnant woman take a Corendon Airlines flight?

Many moms-to-be would like to go on a relaxing vacation before starting their parenting life. However, many do not know whether flying during pregnancy is allowed or completely safe for the offspring.

If you plan to take a flight with Corendon Airlines, you should know that this airline agrees to transport you to any destination in its network, with some small restrictions.

Deadline for flying while pregnant

If you plan to fly with Corendon Airlines during your pregnancy, you can do so until the 36th week, but from the 30th week you should only fly with a doctor’s certificate confirming your fitness to fly. It must be issued less than six days before departure.

A lack of space for the seat and the toilet can occur from the 30th week of pregnancy. It is not recommended to fly from the thirty-fourth week of pregnancy, because the risks of pregnancy complications are too high.

When is the best time to fly while pregnant?

It is recommended to fly between the third and seventh month of pregnancy as most pregnant women feel energetic, healthy and fit at this time. During the first weeks of pregnancy, many experience morning sickness and general fatigue throughout the day.

Likewise, many women feel overwhelmed during their first pregnancy and need the first few weeks to deal with the new, unfamiliar situation and pay attention to their body’s cues. Traveling during this period only adds an extra burden. It is also not recommended to fly after the 28th week of pregnancy, because the body is under a lot of stress at this time and extra effort should be avoided.

What to do before flying?

Before booking a trip, it is important to determine if you are fit enough for a flight, how you feel and if you can handle the stress. Are there questionable pre-existing conditions or is the pregnancy not going optimally? It is best to seek advice from a doctor in this regard, in order to clarify whether a flight involves risks or not. You can also find out about the vaccines you need during your visit to the doctor. With all concerns erased, it’s time to do some research.

First of all, find out about the transport regulations of the airline you want to travel with, but also about entry conditions and medical care in the country of destination. Finally, a little advice: if possible, order meals from the airline before the flight. It is advisable to avoid carbonated foods and carbonated drinks during pregnancy, for which vegetarian menus work well.

If all concerns have been resolved and the flight can begin, we have some tips that will help you during the flight. It is very important to drink enough water during the period; preferably from your own bottle to avoid the risk of infection.

The seat belt should be worn below the abdomen. Be sure to wear loose clothing that is warm enough for the flight, as aircraft air conditioning often makes the weather cool. In general, there is a risk of thrombosis on flights due to the amount of seating. Here you can help yourself with compression stockings.

It’s also helpful to get up in between and reserve a seat in the aisle or near the emergency exit to have enough leg room. Utensils such as earplugs, sleep masks or neck pillows make it easier to fall asleep and are therefore good travel companions on long flights. Equally important is a small first aid kit that can help with minor emergencies.

Basically, it is important to be sufficiently informed, to listen to your body and to consult your doctor to find out if a trip can be undertaken without risk.

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