Find all the useful information about baggage transport on board Corendon Airlines flights

Baggage allowance to be checked in is not free, and the fees to be paid depend on the conditions of each flight and will be reflected on each ticket issued by Corendon Airlines. Thus, for example, on short or medium-haul flights, checked baggage costs 22 Euros (three-hour flight) to 23 Euros (three- to four-hour flight).

If you are traveling on a flight lasting more than 4 hours, you must pay a fee of 24 Euros to be able to carry up to 3 suitcases in the hold. If you are traveling to or from Dakar, check the conditions on the number of checked bags included. You can rent additional luggage before the flight 24 hours.

These fees are charged if you plan to transport a piece of luggage weighing 20kg.

Consult on this table the luggage fees and price to be paid if the weight is greater than twenty kilograms

Weight Flight duration Price (€)



Until 3 hours 27
Between 3 and 4 hours 28
More than 4 hours 29
























Corendon Airlines allows each passenger on its flights to travel with up to three pieces in the hold, of which the maximum weight of each suitcase is 32kg.

Additional charges may be charged by Corendon Airlines

When passing through the security checkpoint, we find that the luggage exceeds the weight of that which was reserved by the passenger? In this case, excess baggage fees will be charged and the passenger must pay them beforehand without boarding, otherwise he may not be able to travel with it.

This baggage allowance is offered to passengers traveling with Corendon Airlines anywhere in the world, except for those who take its planes to fly to Dubai, Gambia or Cape Verde, they cannot carry checked baggage weighing more than 20kg by piece.

Carriage of special baggage in the hold of Corendon Airlines

Special baggage is items that cannot be transported in hand baggage or checked in on a regular basis, due to their dimensions, weight or characteristics. There are travelers who travel according to their leisure, so it is normal that they want to travel by plane with their musical instruments or sports equipment.

Each airline determines the conditions and possibilities of transporting special baggage for its passengers.

Items not to be placed in checked baggage

The following items cannot be carried in checked baggage:

– Explosives or propane or butane gas

– Flammable liquids such as gasoline, methanol, paints, solvents, glues and lighter fillers.

– Flammable solids and reactive substances such as magnesium, matches, lighters, fireworks, flares.

– Oxidizers and organic peroxides

– Toxic or infectious substances.

– Corrosive materials.

– Engine parts that have contained fuel.

– Electronic cigarettes.

– Lithium batteries apart from electronic devices.

If possible, you should try to fit everything you need into a small suitcase. This way, not only will you save more, but you will also avoid the process of checking baggage before takeoff and waiting on the conveyor belt when you land.

Identify the suitcase with your data, name, contact phone number, …, so Corendon Airlines can easily locate you in the event of loss of luggage.

If the model of your suitcase is very common, give it a characteristic punch to differentiate it from the rest.

Be sure to keep the ticket that identifies your suitcase and its reference. Without this, you will not be able to make any claim.

If your baggage is special such as valuable instruments, jewelry, electronic devices, …, it is recommended to make a declaration of value at the airport. With this, if any part of the content disappears, is completely lost or appears to be badly damaged, you can recover the declared value.

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