Traveling in the Turkish Airlines Business Class cabin: Cost and baggage allowance information

Flying Turkish Airlines Business Class? This space is created for those who want to have a privileged flight experience by paying more for the ticket. Unlike economy and standard seat classes, you can enjoy many benefits before, during and after your flight.

Turkish Airlines does all it can to entertain its passengers

On board its planes, the Turkish airline offers individual screens allowing passengers to choose movies and television shows themselves on all international flights. It also provides quick and easy access to the most used content and functions. A search engine has been set up to make it easier to access the various content on offer, with more than four hundred films on offer, and eight hundred TV programs in addition to documentaries, in more than twenty languages.

Other features are available to travelers. This is particularly the case with the Do Not Disturb feature, which will allow the passenger to ask the member of the cabin crew not to contact him during a specific time.

Turkish Airlines also offers its customers new in-flight entertainment with the newly added 3D map. Flights will be more interactive and informative. Passengers can experience both cockpit and right and left window views with virtual images using realistic 3D animations.

A catering service to discover the authentic taste of Turkish cuisine

On board Business class, the chefs will present the best dishes to you on porcelain plates. On international flights, passengers benefit from a quality catering service with ingredients carefully selected by the Flying Chefs, high quality menus that are regularly renewed with the aim of always offering new experiences to frequent travellers. Travelers are warmly welcomed and have a choice of three main courses, served on porcelain plates and combining Turkish and international cuisine. A full service of hot or cold drinks, cocktails, wines and beers is always available.

Like economy class and comfort class, travelers have a full entertainment service. The seats are wide and comfortable. They can recline 180° giving you the possibility to sleep like in a bed.

An unmissable business class lounge

Booking a Turkish Airlines Business Class seat also means you’ll be spoiled on the ground. The Turkish airline allows you to enjoy access to the Business lounge at Istanbul’s two airports where you can treat yourself to top-of-the-range services making your trip unique and original.

This comfort zone, dedicated solely to the Business traveler category, has private rest areas, massage rooms, library and many other comfort facilities.

Many services are also offered by Turkish Airlines at the two airports of the Turkish capital for connecting passengers. The airline offers the possibility of enjoying accommodation for passengers with a seven-hour international transit in business class free of charge.

Other benefits of traveling in Turkish Airlines Business Class

More baggage allowance is one of the applications that business class passengers are most satisfied with. In this class of air ticket, where the baggage is ten kg higher than that of standard passengers, the longer the distance travelled, the greater the baggage. Passengers in this class enjoy an additional baggage compared to standard passengers on transoceanic flights.

Check-in from a private counter

Long queues at check-in and the waiting time for Turkish Airlines passengers checked in online when delivering baggage are some of the most common complaints at airports. Business class passengers have no such concerns. Business class passengers have special counters at the airport for check-in and baggage delivery.

Skip-the-line points at the airport entrance are also free for business class passengers. Whatever the intensity at the airport, you can move around the airport with confidence without being affected in any way by this intensity.

Free and unlimited access to the airport lounge

Complimentary lounge service is one of the services that Turkish Airlines Business Class passengers like. Passengers with business class tickets have free access to the airport lounge, where there are food and rest areas. In the lounge, free services such as varieties of tea and coffee, snacks and hot meals, free internet connection, games room, TV, newspaper and magazine are offered.

Private seat offering improved comfort during the flight

Business class passengers travel in seats in a special section separated from economy class by a curtain. There is a special space between each seat in this section, which is reserved for business class passengers from seat 1 to seat 12, depending on the aircraft type, airline and aircraft capacity.

On long flights, specially designed business class seats have wider legroom, and many seats have ample surface area to lie down and stretch out. You can enjoy your flight without being stuck in a tight space without any passengers with you.

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