Traveling with a baby stroller on the plane: What is the Corendon Airlines rule?

Infants are entitled to carry 10kg of baggage on all flights operated and served by Corendon. Their parents can also transport them a seat and any other article used by the child, but their articles cannot be carried in the cabin, but only in the hold.

If you need more than one piece of baggage for your baby (carrying a stroller or crib, for example), please contact Customer Service at least 48 hours before your scheduled departure date to arrange for additional baggage to be checked. The airline tries to accommodate you as well as possible according to availability. Depending on the airline involved, there may also be fees associated with additional checked baggage.

Hot water is provided on board for infant formula (milk, compotes, etc.). Your steward can help you prepare it if necessary. Baby food should be kept cool during travel. If you wish to bring your own baby food, please note that it should be kept cold until needed.

What should you pack when traveling with my baby on the plane?

When packing for your trip, remember that your allowance is limited. It is therefore important to take these restrictions into account in your planning.

Be sure to bring:

– A change of clothes, including nappies and wipes

– Bottled milk or breastmilk substitutes

– Diapers, wet wipes, talc, etc.

– Extra clothes in case of delay

– Formula, teats and other necessities to feed your baby during the trip

– Infant car seat and any other equipment required for a safe travel experience

– Items to keep your baby comfortable in their stroller

– Solar cream

– Supplies such as blankets, toys, books, music CDs, DVD players, games, etc.

– Extra snacks and drinks for yourself

– Water bottles or hydration packs

– Snacks, fruits, juices, vitamins, medications, etc., as applicable

– Toiletries, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, toothbrush, comb, nail clippers, etc.

Corendon Airlines allows parents to carry food for their baby in up to ten containers with a total weight of one liter (1L).

Corendon Airlines allows strollers to be transported on planes

Some items like the stroller allow you to go out for a walk with your child in a comfortable and simple way. Without a doubt, it is a very important acquisition, since it will last you a long time and the convenience and comfort of the little ones will depend on it.

It is essential that you bear in mind that there are complementary parts for the strollers that you carry in luggage. The best thing is that you can decide whether to include them or not, depending on your needs and the money you want to spend.

– Comfort

Is the main factor to consider. For this reason, it is recommended that at the beginning the baby remains lying down and is incorporated only after a few months. The material with which it is made will be a key point when it comes time to think about the most practical model.

– Type of Ride

This factor is related to what we talked about in the previous points, because depending on where you are going to walk and how often you will use it, you will need a type of wheels and a chair of one size or another.

It is always recommended to arrive at least sixty minutes before the scheduled departure time for check-in in order to have enough time to process all the luggage checked by the security agents and to board from the plane.

– How many strollers/car seats can be carried in the hold?

Traveling with a stroller on a Corendon Airlines flight? This airline allows it, but only in the hold. You even have the possibility of transporting another stroller, however, its weight will be deducted from the total weight of the luggage checked in by the passenger. It is therefore quite possible that the passenger will be paid a supplement before boarding.

It is important to inform that the passenger has the choice between the transport (free) of a stroller or a car seat on board.

Traveling with a stress-free baby on board

Many young babies find air travel stressful due to noise, movement and unfamiliar surroundings. Most babies sleep well while traveling. However, some babies may wake briefly to feed, change diapers, or simply rest. For others, the change of environment can destabilize them.

To ensure a good night’s sleep, follow these tips:

– Keep your baby awake for less time than he normally sleeps.

– Choose a quiet place where there is little activity.

– Use familiar objects and smells.

– Make sure your baby has plenty of opportunities to eat, drink and go to the toilet before bedtime.

– Try to avoid overstimulation during the day.

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