File a claim with Turkish Airlines: When and how?

When you book a flight by buying a ticket from Turkish Airlines, you must systematically be parties to the air transport agreement with the Turkish company.

Whether it is you or another traveller, in the event that you are faced with a rude attitude from the crew, loss or damage to luggage and insufficient quality of the services provided, he has the right to write and address a complaint to the competent authorities. The main task of the passenger in the event of a conflict situation is to defend his rights and rely on the legislation of the Turkish Federation.

Make a complaint request

The most common grounds for filing claims against Turkish Airlines are:

– Cancellation and prolonged delay of the flight due to the fault of the company, without prior warning to the passengers;

– Refusal to serve customers without giving reasons;

– Flight cancellations not related to a case of force majeure;

– Refusal to provide drinks, hot meals and accommodation in the event of canceled and delayed flights;

– Refusal to exchange or return a plane ticket;

– Collection of additional commissions of which the client of the company was not initially informed;

– Material or moral damage suffered by the passenger;

– Damage to or loss of baggage resulting in material loss;

– Delay of a passenger in one of the airport instances due to the fault of Turkish Airlines, due to which he was unable to board the plane in a timely manner;

– Insufficient quality of the services provided, for example: lack of or bad food;

– Negligent or rude attitude of airline personnel.

When filing a claim, the passenger must have justified reasons. In addition, it is important to keep any evidence that can support the accuracy of the customer and the inconvenience caused by Turkish Airlines and its employees. These include tickets and boarding passes.

Deadlines for filing your claim against Turkish Airlines

Complaints resulting from a flight delay, cancellation or overbooking, or loss or damage to baggage may be filed no later than six months after the flight.

From the day on which the reason for filing a complaint arose. In the event of a problem with the passenger’s luggage such as: lack of articles or objects in the luggage, delay in delivery of the suitcase, … the period is counted from the day after the deadline for recovering the luggage; when compensating for the loss of luggage after a period of ten days.

During international flights, in the event of a problem with the baggage, the delay is:

– Baggage delivery delay

One to two weeks (7-14 days) if damaged; up to three weeks (21 days) from the date of arrival

– Loss of baggage

Up to one and a half years (18 months) from the date of landing of the airliner. It is necessary to file a claim immediately, after the occurrence of a situation that caused inconvenience or damage to the passenger. The best option is to write to the destination point or the starting point. If that’s not possible, you can use several other options:

– On the official portal of Turkish Airlines by filling out its contact form;

– Call the airline’s customer service;

– Go to a TA office and file the claim

– Send and submit a registered letter of complaint to the address of the administration of the air carrier.

An important point when preparing a claim is a competent and reasonable statement of the reasons that led to unpleasant consequences for the TA passenger. In addition, it is mandatory to indicate the details of the bank if there is evidence of damage requiring monetary compensation.

At Turkish Airlines, the deadlines for examining complaints, regardless of their nature, are up to one month. If after contacting the customer service department of the airline, the passenger received a written refusal or non-compliance with the request, he has the right to file a complaint with higher authorities and protect his rights.

Submit your complaint a complaint against Turkish Airlines via the official website?

To send a letter of complaint, a passenger can use the easiest and fastest way, for this it will be necessary to go to the website of the Turkish national carrier and submit a request through the contact form.

It is important to understand that all complaints containing obscene language, insults to the administration of the company and its employees, as well as other points that violate the legislation of the Turkish federation are not taken into consideration.
The passenger must receive an answer within two to three weeks from the date of submission of his file.

The following information must be entered on the form?

– The subject of the complaint;

– Personal data of the applicant (telephone, e-mail, name,

– First name, residential address);

– Flight details (flight, ticket, booking number, departure/arrival date);

– Information on baggage (in the event of late delivery, damage, loss);

– Reason for complaint + proof of the prejudice suffered;

Contact Turkish Airlines Customer Service

Another option for contacting TA is to call one of its telephone customer relations agents:

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  1. Tasleem riaz


    I just wanted to write a complaint about my flight from to Toronto -> instanbul -> Jeddah. This has been one of the worst experiences I’ve had flying. I need a wheelchair because I can’t walk so I request one for my trip at the checkin when we got to Pearson. When we landed in Istanbul, the person handling the wheelchairs made me walk all over the airport and eventually I had to beg someone to take me to the gate. They took me on the buggy and left me in the middle of the airport. I was flying with my kids and lost them because the wheelchair people were taking me to random place. I had to walk too much and my legs are still hurting. Aside from the service, the food made my daughter sick. The food from Pearson to Istanbul made her vomit during the layover, the next flight and when we were in Jeddah. Aside from the assistance and food issues, my sons bag was also tampered with. He checked in his carry on which had his camera in it. When he opened to get the camera out, he found that his lenses where opened and there were not closed properly that caused dust and scratches to form on the lens.

    Please tell me how you can resolve this Issue, because these issues severely effected my families trip.


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