SunExpress conditions for flying with sports equipment

For passengers who like to practice their favorite sport during their stay abroad, SunExpress allows them to take its flights with their sports equipment.

Surfing the most beautiful beaches in the world or cycling through Europe and discovering the most spectacular landscapes is the dream of many of us, although few end up realizing it due to the expense it can entail.

With SunExpress, you can enjoy your dream vacation without spending more than necessary.

SunExpress flies you aboard its planes with your special baggage

Many passengers need to move tools and restrictions and admissions reappear depending on whether it is carry-on or checked baggage. Axes, machetes, sharp tools, auto parts, cables, handcuffs, hammers, crowbars, multi-purpose tools, folding knives, drills or screwdrivers are only accepted in baggage checked at the counter.

There is also special equipment, which consists of different work tools depending on the trade or profession. Surfboards, windsurfing boards and snowboards as well as skis can be transported in the hold but not in the cabin. The same goes for bicycles, buggies and diving equipment. Musical instruments, on the other hand, can be carried upstairs depending on their dimensions.

If this summer you plan to check your bike, surfboard or golfbag clubs on the plane, before booking your flight you will want to know what the airline surcharge is for checking special baggage and what are the restrictions you need to take into account.

It is often better to spend a little more on the price of the plane ticket so that a suitcase is included. It’s a great way to avoid expensive baggage surcharges. Remember to arrive at the airport in advance to avoid stress during check-in.

Check the airline’s packing requirements. If you are going to fly with your bike, also remember that it is advisable to deflate the tires, so that they do not burst with the change in pressure during the flight. Do not deflate them completely to protect the tires during transport.

How much to pay to travel with your sports equipment?

Transportation of sports equipment on SunExpress flights is possible for a fee:

Equipment type

Prices on the international flight Price on domestic flight
Paragliding 54,99 €

99,99 TL

surfboards, sail, bodyboard, snowboard,…

49,99 € 99,99 TL
Bicycle (Bike) 49,99 €

99,99 TL


Ski equipment


44,99 €

99,99 TL

Canoe, kayak or inflatable boat

Diving equipment


39,99 €

129,99 TL
Sports weapon 44,99 €

79,99 TL

The sports equipment mentioned in the table above must weigh 30kg or less. A fee will be charged for each additional kilogram. The maximum weight of a sports bag is limited to 32kg. Otherwise, it will be transported as cargo.

It is also possible to transport other equipment such as tennis, squash and badminton rackets and balls, sports bows or rollerblades or horse riding equipment, etc. SunExpress accepts that you transport them in the hold in your car only paying excess baggage fees.

For the transport of sports equipment, it is imperative that you arrive at the airport early to have enough time to complete your check-in.

When registering, you must indicate the nature of the object, its dimensions, its weight and its container.

For weapons, you must specify the brand, serial number, caliber, size of the gun case, weight, number of cartridges and dimensions of the cartridge case.

For some companies, the transport of these objects is included in the baggage allowance, for others, a supplement is to be paid at check-in on the day of departure.

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