Complain about your flight with SunExpress

The airports served by SunExpress can be victims of strikes, resulting in flight cancellations and delays and lost suitcases.

These disruptions can also be the result of many other factors such as technical breakdowns affecting aircraft, lack of pilots, …

Flights scheduled by SunExpress can be affected by delays and cancellations, if you are in this case, it is advisable to regularly check the status of the flight on the website of the airline or airport.

File a claim with SunExpress to defend and protect your rights

In case of delay, cancellation or loss of suitcase, it is possible to file a complaint with the airline. It is possible to formulate your claim request online and send it to SunExpress customer service in one click.

Passengers whose flight is significantly delayed are entitled to assistance during the wait: meals and refreshments, overnight accommodation including transfer costs, the possibility of making two short telephone calls, sending two faxes or two short emails. On the other hand, the company has no obligation to provide assistance if the delay increases.

Passengers in such situations may also be entitled to monetary compensation.

Lost or damaged suitcases or other baggage

In case of loss of suitcase or you find that it has suffered significant damage after its recovery on the carousel, you must contact the SunExpress counter at the airport. If this is not possible, you must contact its customer relations department as soon as possible (less than three weeks after the arrival of the flight).

SunExpress receives your complaints through several communication channels

It is up to each company to choose the best method for organizing the complaints system, access to which must be free of charge for the customer. Several communication channels can be used to:

– Listening to and recording customer complaints;

– The answers provided by sales representatives or telephone advisers;

– Receipt of supporting documents useful for processing the request.

Complain by phone

Teleoperators at SunExpress are trained to manage the anger of disgruntled passengers with empathy, calm and politeness in all circumstances. Call them +90.541.4440.797 (from Turkey), or 00.90.2324.440.797 (from other countries).

Consideration of a customer’s complaint must be subject to a countdown by immediately providing him with an acknowledgment of receipt. If the request must be processed as soon as possible to limit resentment and the damage caused, it is nevertheless necessary to give time to carry out a calm analysis of the situation.

File a complaint online

Dissatisfied customers have another way to complain about incomplete service, a dispute or damage. They can submit their complaint online using this form.

A special form is offered to passengers wishing to claim compensation for the loss or damage to their baggage.

SunExpress may offer compensation to its passengers

When the analysis of the request reveals an error on the part of the airline, the latter may provide for financial or in-kind compensation:

– A partial refund of plane ticket (in case of excessive delay or cancellation);

– An additional service to the service provided (assistance at the airport and accommodation);

– Financial compensation to repair the inconvenience suffered

In some cases, it is unfortunately not always possible to determine whether it is SunExpress or the passenger who is at fault. Despite everything, the Turkish carrier does not hesitate to show kindness and make a commercial gesture without giving in to naivety.

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