Carrying a golf bag in Baggage with Turkish Airlines

They are people who are passionate about golf, who organize holidays with their friends to play in the sun during the winter, or occasional golfers who plan to bring their equipment with them during the holidays, the question of transporting the golf bag in plane can be tricky.

For passengers who fly regularly, they already know what it should look like and what dimensions their hand luggage and hold luggage should have. The problem arises when they have to carry special or bulky luggage, which exceeds these measures, including the golf bag.

Special baggage includes sports equipment including golf equipment. On this occasion, the passenger is interested in how to carry sports equipment in the baggage carried by Turkish Airlines.

How much does it cost to transport golf equipment by plane?

At Turkish Airlines, traveling with such equipment is considered oversized baggage only when traveling on a domestic flight, and the passenger must pay a fee of 109 TRY to be able to travel with his golf equipment. On the other hand, if you take the plane to travel to a destination outside Turkey, this service is completely free.

If a passenger decides to take their own golf travel bag with them on board a flight operated by Turkish Airlines, there are a number of things to consider to avoid problems. First of all, it is quite normal for the traveler to want their golf bag to be transported safely on the plane and to arrive at their destination in good condition. Concretely, this means that he will have to buy a solid and resistant golf travel bag.

Suitcases and travel bags are generally not handled with much care when loading and unloading an aircraft. In addition, it is almost essential to choose a bag with wheels, so that the passenger does not have to carry the golf travel bag on his back, but can push or pull it.

Most golf travel bags, although made of very sturdy material, are not very heavy in terms of weight. And it’s not unimportant either, because the traveler cannot carry an unlimited amount of kilos with him during his stay and his golf travel bag is probably not the only thing he wants to take with him. on his vacation destination. A good sturdy golf travel bag is therefore a godsend for your golf vacation.
A complete golf set without accessories such as golf balls, tees and other items weighs approximately 13 kg. Turkish Airlines may consider it as checked baggage, with a weight limit of 23kg.

Travel with your golf bag serenely by plane

Looking for ways to save time and money when traveling with sports equipment? If so, you should consider using luggage storage. These facilities offer a wide range of services, from free storage of your luggage to charging additional fees for additional services.

When traveling with golf equipment, you want to make sure your equipment stays safe during the trip. This means you need to pack it carefully and store it properly. But packing and transporting sports equipment is not always easy. Moreover, you also have to worry about where you are going to store your stuff once you arrive at your destination.

Protect your flight bag from damage or loss of items stored in it

It often happens that customs officers want to look in the travel golf bag. If the passenger does not lock his travel bag, he risks losing some of the items put inside during customs control. Therefore, always remember to use a security padlock to properly close and seal your golf bag.

– Pack your gear in a special travel bag

There are very practical travel covers to protect your precious equipment when you travel. Thanks to a travel cover, you can travel by plane with peace of mind. Generally made of fabric and semi-rigid, it allows you to wrap your golf bag and all its container to protect them from shocks during transport and from dust.

There are very simple travel cover models or more elaborate models equipped with padded reinforcements that absorb shocks. Many of them are also equipped with small wheels for greater comfort during handling. In addition, many covers incorporate several external compartments without forgetting the internal pockets which allow you to leave your important objects out of sight.

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    Is golf bag possible from Billund to Thailand at TK1488/TK69 19/1-2024 and return at TK59/TK1487 2/2-2024?
    Is yes, is there an additional price for golf bag?
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