Choosing and Selecting Airplane Seats When Booking Your Freebird Airlines Flight Online

Freebird Airlines enriches its reservation platform with a new tool that allows carriers to reserve seats on international flights. The service is available up to six hours before departure.

The tool has been designed to guarantee a reservation in a few clicks. All you have to do is access your account from the Manage Booking section to access seat reservations. A cabin map is provided for easy selection of the desired seats and a color code makes it easy to distinguish the seats available for reservation.

Choose and select your seats up to 6 hours before departure

The reservation can be made flexibly, thus making it possible to limit the reservation of seats to certain participants in the trip or certain journeys. Finally, the tool instantly confirms the seat reservation.

The most effective solution for choosing a comfortable seat? Simply go to the website Depending on your flight and therefore the precise model of the plane you will take, it reveals the most interesting seats to you by displaying them in color. For example, you may have chosen a window seat but the porthole at this location is slightly offset, which takes away all interest from this seat.

Even before queuing for long minutes to drop off your luggage, then queuing again to go through security, then queuing again to board, …

The question is which seat to choose. There are of course the places at the level of the emergency exits but it is increasingly rare to be able to choose them without paying a supplement.

When choosing your seat on the plane, always try to opt for the second row of your section in the cabin. This is the best option even compared to the front row seats. Certainly, on these, you will have more room for your legs but you cannot keep a bag at your feet during take-off and landing. And TV screens are generally smaller.

A place at the window allows you to enjoy the view and rest your head to sleep, but there can be a draft of cold air along this window and it is more difficult to leave your place to go to the toilet or just relax your legs.

An aisle seat allows you freedom to move but you do not have the possibility to rest your head, there is a chance that people will jostle you as you pass. You will also have to get up to let the people next to you pass.

The front of the device is often less noisy and there is less vibration.

The last rows often cannot bow any further and the spacing with the front rows is sometimes reduced.

Unless you know the person to your left or your right very well, and therefore be able to lean on them to take a little snooze during the flight, the central seat is the one that has the least interest.

– Are you taking an evening flight? here is the best place to sleep on a plane

Whether you’re a heavy sleeper or just planning ahead for your arrival, you really want to sleep during the flight, especially if it’s overnight. Not easy to find a position when the plane only offers us a few centimeters of space for the legs, … The best seat is the one next to the window, provided you close the window because it exposes to ultraviolet rays. Indeed, you will not be disturbed by neighbors who want to get up. You can also decide to close the blind without asking someone to do it for you and you will even have the chance to use the armrest on the window side as you see fit and to rest your head against the window. Note that the front of the device is less noisy.

– The seat to choose for a tall person

There’s so little room on a plane that even if you have the right clothes, it’s hard to find a comfortable position. It’s even worse when you’re older. The aisle seat allows you to stretch your legs in case of aches. And to have even more space, choose the places at the level of the emergency exits.

– The seats to choose when traveling with the family

Are you traveling with children? So that you sit comfortably and together, and not disturb other passengers, turn to the seats located behind the partitions. The extra space offered allows children to get up when they want.

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