Cancellation of Turkish Airlines flight tickets: Conditions change depending on fares

More and more people are traveling by air and have rights they may not be aware of. There are cases where the passenger has purchased his flight from Turkish Airlines, but the plans are not as he expected, and he has to cancel his trip due to different reasons. This is why there are different rules that protect him in these eventualities that may arise.

Turkish Airlines has a flexible cancellation policy besides allowing its passengers to cancel their reservation through several methods: Online and by phone.

As a TA passenger, you can cancel your flight ticket by:

– Calling Turkish Airlines customer service telling them that you want to make changes to your booking. If that’s not possible, tell them you need to cancel. They will ask you if this is a one-time or recurring change. You must choose once if this is your first request. For recurring changes, they will ask for details of previous requests. You can either pay the cancellation fee directly through your bank account, if you paid by credit card, or by providing your credit card information.

– By visiting the Turkish website; then going to Manage Booking. The passenger may cancel his reservation by clicking on the “Cancel” button.

Once the transaction is confirmed, you will receive an email confirming the cancellation of your flight.

There are no cancellation fees for any type of reservation, except for one-way tickets and confirmed reservations. If you wish to cancel your ticket, a fee will be charged based on the time remaining before departure. For example, if you have booked a return flight from Istanbul to London and want to change the destination to Amsterdam, you must cancel your original itinerary.

You can cancel your reservation up to 24 hours after booking your flight. You will not be charged for services or trips that you have not used.

Cancellation fees vary depending on when you book and how long it takes before your trip departs.

Canceling an award flight ticket

You can cancel any award flight ticket issued to you by Turkish Airlines or its partners such as Star Alliance carriers. If there is no cancellation fee, the reward will be automatically converted to cash when you request it. Otherwise, there may be a fee depending on when you applied. You must confirm your request by email and include the name of the award travel partner airline in your communication.

The airline or travel agency must refund the money to the user within a maximum period of thirty calendar days, from the communication of the withdrawal.

Turkish Airlines handles flight ticket cancellation and change processes separately, depending on the class of ticket you purchased. In fact, the cancellation conditions for flights marketed by Tukish Airlines may change depending on the price of the plane ticket reserved by the passenger:

– EcoFly ticket cancellation

For example, you cannot make any changes to your Ecofly plane ticket one hour before your flight. If you want to change your reservation, you can do so and change your ticket twelve hours in advance by paying 150 TL.

If you cancel your ticket to get another one with more than twelve hours left before your original flight departs, you can get another one for only 100 TL, or 130 TL if you plan to travel to Cyprus.

If you cancel your EcoFly ticket one hour before the flight, you will not receive any refund. You can request a full refund from your air operator by paying a fee of 150 TL if your cancellation request is made more than twelve hours before departure.

– ExtraFly ticket cancellation

You get a refund if you cancel this ticket at least twelve hours before the flight time. The reimbursement amount paid by Turkish Airlines is up to 40% of its fare.

– PrimeFly and Business ticket cancellation

Passengers booking a flight with this fare are entitled to a full refund provided the cancellation request is made twelve hours or more before departure. If the passenger wishes to change this ticket for another, he must pay 90 TL.

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