Are children allowed to fly with Corendon Airlines Unaccompanied by their parents?

From the age of six and up to the age of twelve, children can board a Turkish company plane on their own.

Of course, it is always up to the parents to decide whether or not to send children and young people alone. But even with their consent, there are practical hurdles that can get in the way of the first solo vacation.

Other arrangements for unaccompanied children

When children and young people are traveling alone, there are a few other things to consider. Depending on the country and route, a certified consent statement from the legal guardian may be required at the departure airport. In addition, you must give the children forms to avoid problems during inspections by the authorities.

Flight ticket reservation for an unaccompanied minor

Because this service may not always be available, Corendon Airlines invites you to make your reservation by telephone, or online, but by calling the customer relations service in advance (at least 48 hours or 72 hours before departure.

Traveling alone on a Corendon Airlines flight: How much does it cost you?

The Turkish airline charges prices and fees for childcare services traveling alone, which are in addition to the normal ticket price. The price of childcare for children traveling alone is set at 25 Euros.

A maximum of two children can travel without their parents on a single flight operated by the Turkish airline.

Contact them by dialing this number 44.447.37 if your child is traveling inside Turkey, or one of these phones numbers if you are stealing your child from outside the country.

Flying with Corendon Airlines without parents: procedure and prices

Many children and young people want to visit their grandmother in their summer residence, fly to friends abroad or follow the rest of their family and travel alone by plane without being accompanied by their family. or their friends. Traveling is quite exciting for children, especially when traveling without parents, which is why airlines offer special assistance services at the airport and on board.

With the famous airline Corendon Airlines alone, hundreds of children travel alone each year, reason enough to take a closer look at the escort service for children and young people traveling alone.

Procedures and restrictions to follow at the airport (before boarding and after landing)

So that there is no time pressure at the airport, you should be at the terminal early and allow enough time for check-in and formalities. Depending on the destination, the check-in deadlines for children and young people traveling alone are earlier than for normal passengers. Please also note that the same flight regulations, such as liquid regulations and baggage regulations, also apply to children traveling alone.

When you arrive at the airport, go to the check-in counter for the booked flight, hand over all the necessary documents and check in the luggage of your child traveling alone. You must also complete and hand a form to the contact person at the counter, then put it in your child’s shoulder bag. The child traveling alone is registered at the check-in counter and all the necessary travel documents, namely the boarding pass, identity document and copy of the support form. These documents should be placed around the neck in a small shoulder bag.

Depending on the airport, you can accompany your child to the boarding gate, at some airports only to the entrance to the security area. From there, the child traveling alone will be escorted by airport staff to the aircraft, where they will be met by flight attendants and cared for throughout the flight.

After landing, the Corendon Airlines crew hands over the child or young person to airport staff and escorts them to meet them. It is important that the person picking up your child has identification with them so that airport staff can be sure they are the same person named on the assistance form.

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