What does Gulf Sigorta Domestic Travel Insurance cover?

Planning a vacation with Turkish Airlines? Find the best insurance plan for your trip to protect against cancellations, delays, lost luggage and theft.

Gulf Sigorta Domestic Travel Insurance, travel partner of Turkish Airlines offers travel insurance plans covering passengers when the airline cancels or delays their flight, or if there are problems with the delivery of their luggage.

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When booking your Turkish Airlines flight, you were told about travel insurance. But, what does it mean and why do it?

Of course, whether for Turkish passengers, or foreign travelers travel insurance is not mandatory. Indeed, you are and remain the sole decision maker. However, there are still four countries that require the purchase of travel insurance to be able to enter.

Travel insurance, on the other hand, is an asset for those who wish to protect themselves effectively against travel-related risks. Even if sometimes you may not see any relevant interest in it, zero risk does not exist and protecting yourself can sometimes save you a lot of inconvenience. As with all insurance, you have to agree to pay only for prevention. But, when you need it, you’ll be glad you did.

Especially since abroad, depending on the country you are going to and what you are doing there, the risks involved are greater. Especially in exotic countries like Australia or if you go canyoning in the French Gorges du Verdon. Now, if you go strolling through the streets of Milan, or Vancouver for example, you are not immune to an accident.

So, taking out travel insurance is important and even essential in some cases. You do not advance any medical expenses and compensate for certain major expenses that have an advantageous health system.

The travel insurance offered by Turkish Airlines protects you and covers all or part of the costs of hospitalization or even repatriation. For holidays in complete serenity, it is advisable to think about it strongly because it plays the same role as your health insurance, which you would not do without on a daily basis.

Gulf Sigorta Domestic Travel Insurance covers you in case of unforeseen events during your trip. Get your rate and subscribe in two clicks:

Limits of cover (expenses covered by the insurance):

– Treatment after an accident: 15,000 TRY

– Assault: 250 TRY

– Late baggage delivery: 500 TRY

– Lost or damaged baggage: 2500 TRY

– Miss a flight: 500 TRY

– Flight arriving late: 500 TRY

– Canceled flight: 1500 TRY

– Repatriation of a deceased person during his stay: Unlimited

Consult the insurance offer: First consult the details of his contract

It is useless to recall the importance of reading the small lines of a contract. This applies to absolutely every type of contract you can sign. But in the case of travel insurance, it can teach you the true terms of your policy, what is covered, what is not. This is sometimes where you may realize that ultimately, the one you have selected is not ideal for your travel practice.

There are several reasons why you should choose Gulf Sigorta Domestic Travel Insurance:

– The medical expenses covered, as well as the reimbursement of medicines, medical consultations and hospitalization;

– The guarantee for the practice of sports: you are in Dubai, you are running and suddenly, a bicycle knocks you down. The guarantee for the practice of sports of your travel insurance intervenes and you will be taken care of.

– Assistance and repatriation which can be triggered in the event of a vital or family emergency. The costs related to this unexpected return are covered according to the options chosen;

– Search and rescue costs: you set out to conquer Mount Everest and suddenly you get lost. Your travel insurance picks you up because your contract includes this guarantee (if applicable of course);

– Damage to and loss of luggage are also covered;

– Compensation for a third party in the event that you injure someone (civil liability);

– Legal assistance, if you find yourself in legal trouble, travel insurance is able to take care of your case. It is normal not to know all the laws of a country in which you are traveling. However, a misunderstanding and things can quickly get worse.

– The cancellation guarantee which allows you to be reimbursed if your trip is cancelled. However, beware, you must meet certain specific conditions. The same goes for the travel modification guarantee which allows you to modify your trip if an incident for which you are not responsible prevents you from flying, for example.

Why is it essential to take out insurance?

Insofar as, if an event whatsoever makes the cancellation of the trip necessary, you can benefit from a refund of your trip. Thus, you do not lose all the amount invested.

To purchase or book a travel insurance package, call one of the following two numbers directly: 44.412.44 / 0216.400.24.00 or make your request by Fax: 0216.57.597.77

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