Add or change a Corendon Airlines flight ticket reservation

Want to know how to change your flight booked with Corendon Airlines? Follow our guide to learn all about this practical solution allowing you to modify or even change your reservation if your travel plans change suddenly.

The modification of a flight may concern the surname or first name of the passenger or his date of travel.

Change of name on flight reservation

If you wish to change the name you registered when purchasing your flight online, you will need to contact a support agent. Well, the airline doesn’t allow you to do it manually. In any case, you can make your changes without paying any fees (for free).

If you would like a name change in your reservation because it contains a spelling error, you can do so by contacting a Corendon Airlines customer relations agent. Make sure you don’t have any errors, as they could prevent you from boarding.

Flights may be canceled if you have purchased an unrestricted fare. If you bought your ticket in an agency, you must contact them to request the cancellation of your ticket.

If you made your purchase through the Corendon Airlines website, you will need to access Manage my Booking and cancel your flight with one click .

To start canceling via the Internet, you must first identify yourself in your space with your reservation code and your names.

Changing the booked flight ticket to travel on a domestic flight

Corendon Airlines domestic ticket change is as easy as a normal ticket change. If a ticket needs to be changed for domestic flights, the ticket to be changed should be decided in advance. For this decision, people can easily change their tickets. With the change of ticket, the obligation to buy a new ticket will be removed. You can use your old ticket in the new city where you need to go. In order to carry out this process, you can reach customer service from our contact numbers or you can easily complete this process via the website.

Modify or change the departure date

To change the day of your trip, you will need to enter the Manage Reservations section again, select the reservation you want to change and choose the option to change the date. Or simply contact an agent to do so. This must be done at least eight weeks before departure, the costs of which are fixed at 30 Euros. This change can be made online at Manage Booking.

If there are already eight weeks left before taking the flight, you cannot change your date, you will only be able to modify a mistake made on your name for example.

Date change fees are not subject to variation, depending on the fare you purchase. The correction of names is free while the change of date is chargeable. If you have a more expensive ticket by selecting a new date, you must pay the difference in price in addition to the 30 euros charged for the flight modification.

Changing a plane ticket for another passenger

This is strictly prohibited. Corendon Airlines does not allow passenger changes in any of its fares. Your tickets are not transferable.

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