What rights do SunExpress passengers have if their baggage is lost or damaged?

Every year, thousands of pieces of luggage remain stored at the airport, far from their owners. This situation causes an inconvenience that is enough to claim compensation from the airline.

Hundreds of thousands of bags are lost and misplaced at airports. If you are a SunExpress customer and you are part of the list of injured passengers, victims of loss and damage to luggage, know that the Turkish company is mobilizing all the reinforcements to return your suitcases to you.

Strike, technical breakdown, routing error, … Your luggage has not arrived at its destination. You find yourself without suitcases at your vacation spot or on your return. Delayed, lost or damaged baggage. What are your rights? Can you be compensated?

The damage is significant, especially for travelers who find themselves without personal effects on their vacation spots. Whether the baggage is lost or simply delayed, the airline is required to compensate passengers up to a certain limit.

Initially, to deal with the emergency, the company can sometimes provide you with a first necessity kit or give you a credit note to cover your first expenses due to the absence of your suitcase, but this is not an obligation.

You should also know that some insurance contracts allow you to obtain financial assistance for essential purchases.

Late baggage delivery

Baggage is considered delayed when it is not present when you get off the plane but is delivered to you later. If during the period of absence of your baggage, you had to buy basic necessities such as hygiene products and cosmetics, underwear, …, you can request reimbursement from SunExpress on presentation of the invoices.

You have up to three weeks (21 days) from the date the baggage is made available to make a claim in writing to the carrier. In the absence of a written complaint within this period, any action against the company is inadmissible.

If your baggage is lost, SunExpress owes you compensation

If the carrier admits the loss of your checked baggage or if your baggage is not delivered to you within 21 days of the date on which it should have arrived, it is considered lost. You are then entitled to claim reimbursement for your lost property and suitcase.

You must send a written request to the airline, attaching the purchase invoices for the lost goods. If you do not have supporting documents, compensation for the weight may be offered to you. The carrier pays you 21 Euros for each kilogram of baggage.

This refund or compensation is capped and depends on the agreement that applies to the flight. Depending on the case, it is the Warsaw Convention or the Montreal Convention. This information is indicated on your plane ticket.

File a complaint from SunExpress

Proceed with your support request online, on your carrier’s web page, or if you prefer to discuss this dispute with a customer advisor, you can call their call center at +90.444.07.97. Find other contacts here).

You also have the option of contacting the SunExpress Lost and Found desk at the airport to report lost or damaged baggage.

Contact SunExpress customer service

You must immediately report the absence of the baggage, without waiting to return home, to the counter of the airline that operated the last flight. It must register the complaint and provide a file number. If there is no counter at the airport, you should contact SunExpress as soon as possible and obtain a file number.

Keep all travel and incident documents: boarding pass, baggage check receipt, irregularity report, loss inventory, …

If you had to buy basic necessities in the absence of your baggage, you can request reimbursement from the airline. Keep all receipts and invoices for these purchases in a safe place. Their presentation will be required for reimbursement.

The SunExpress air carrier can provide a basic necessities kit, or give a credit note to make these purchases. But there is no legal obligation.

You are requesting reimbursement for the contents of the lost baggage. It is necessary to attach to the claim for compensation the purchase invoices of the lost goods. The amount of compensation depends on the agreement that applies to the theft. It is fixed in special drawing rights and capped.

6 Replies to “SunExpress: Lost Baggage”

  1. Oleg Fedchuk


    On February 3, 2024, I flew from your Denpasar airport in Turkey to Antalya on a joint flight. Date, Flight numbers, city of arrival.
    In Antalya, I found that my luggage was lost. This is a soft fabric blue suitcase, in a blue-purple-yellow cover. I put the things that were in the suitcase.

    My name is Oleg Fedchuk. I am attaching a baggage voucher, tickets, and my passport to you. Help me find my luggage, I’ve been freezing in Turkey for 5 days without my things.

  2. Zohra Shaffihee-Hassib

    I came from Alanya to Frankfurt on 23/02/24 araund 13:00
    My Baggage is totally damaged.
    I reported emedetly on SunExpress.
    Till now I didn’t have news from them.
    What can I do and where can I go.
    Please help me.

  3. Rocio Zambrano

    I went to Turkey for 18 days because I was invited to a wedding. My luggage NEVER arrived, Im back in Mexico, 5 weeks later I haven’t heard anything from the airline. There isn’t an international phone number I can call. I spent so much money on my trip, money I wasn’t expecting to spend. Now all my clothes is lost, I had so many new items I bought for the trip. When Im trying to enter to my case it says is not longer available. Nobody has contact me, I haven’t been able to put a report online with the items I had or I bought and nobody answer the phone on the internationals phone number I’m getting.

  4. Lisa Bentley

    My luggage was returned four days after my arrival at my resort. This caused me a lot of stress and I wasted a lot of time and money shopping and paying out of my pocket for essential items. This experience ruined my holiday. Upon my return I was unable to contact someone from Sun Express from Canada, the international number did not work and I ended up spending more time and money on phone calls to Sun Express in the UK. They opened a case for me then the next time I phoned a week later the case was closed. I am very frustrated and still need Sun Express to compensate me for the money and time that I have lost due to losing my luggage for 4 days – over half the time that I was on vacation.

  5. Matan Ovadia

    My baggage was delayed.

    I already got the baggage, but the case status is still “Case Received”.

    It’s already 2 months passed! And you didn’t respond to my claim.

    Please get back to me.

  6. Emine Guerbuez

    I have lost my luggage on the flight 27 -10 -2022
    I have contacted with the airport and they could find my bag , it is in now in the storage. So I would like to open a report for my delayed bag in order to arrange delivery . If you need more information . Contact me on my email.

    Best regards

    Emine Guerbuez

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