The Pegasus Prepaid Card: How to Use It to Earn BolPoints

With your PeP Pegasus BolBol card, you can take advantage of your national and international expenses. With the Pegasus Bol points you earn through your spending, you can buy a plane ticket in the direction of your choice.

The PeP card is a physical card. Physical POS, ATM and PeP Currency Account is a required card for international money transfer transactions. The virtual card, on the other hand, is a virtual Visa card that can be created and used instantly after joining, which can only be used for virtual purchases.

With Pegasus BolBol, which combines the customer loyalty program benefits of Pegasus BolBol and PeP Visa Card, users, for the first time in Turkey, have the opportunity to get free flight tickets by accumulating points for all their domestic and international purchases without the need for a credit card.

Holders of this card accumulate fifty BolPoints for 100 TL, i.e. 1 BolPoints for 2 purchases of TL, for all purchases of goods and services made with the ING Pegasus BolBol Premium card, 100 points for every 1 TL you spend on Pegasus Airlines.

PeP Credit Card, in cooperation with Pegasus Airlines, one of the leading companies in the aviation industry in Turkey, has offered PeP Pegasus BolBol Card to travel lovers. With the PeP Pegasus BolBol card, in addition to all the benefits of the PeP Visa card, users can earn points for their domestic and international expenses and convert these points into air tickets.

With the Pegasus BolBol PeP Card, which is valid at millions of Visa contracted workplaces worldwide, users can earn BolPoints for domestic and international purchases, in-country credit card loading and withdrawals, at ATMs abroad. Users who can purchase airline tickets and additional services from Pegasus with the points they earn can benefit from the advantageous exchange rate offered by PeP, use commission-free ATMs anywhere in the world, make money transfers low-cost international money and receive payments, and can use the points they earn when buying airline tickets.

How to get the PEP card?

Applications for the PeP Pegasus BolBol Card, which is offered to users free of charge, are made through the PeP website, mobile app, and Pegasus Airlines website.

Earning BolBol points with the PEP card

You will receive 1 point for every 5 TL of your domestic purchases with your Pegasus BolBol card.

When you Top up with a credit card and win BolBol ten point for every 150 TL you add to your Pegasus BolBol card.

How much does it cost to get and keep this prepaid card?

There is no charge for Visa PeP cards applied through PeP Online or the PeP Mobile Branch. Courier delivery service is provided free of charge.

How can you top up my PeP account from an ATM?

If you have a Visa PeP card, you can load TL into your PeP account from any ATM in Turkey. Moreover, you can top up from all Halkbank ATMs without paying any commission. other banks.

Top-up transactions from ATMs can only be made with PeP cards. Deposits made without using a PeP card are not accepted. You can only load TL from an ATM. Before your money loading process, you can review online ( money loading limits.

You can top up your PeP TL account 24/7 with your own debit/credit card issued by Turkish banks. Your PeP Currency accounts cannot be loaded with a card. Before making your transactions, please check your upload and usage limits. With the balances loaded with the card, you can only use your PeP Cards for shopping, internet shopping and fuel purchases.

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