Book a Turkish Airlines ticket with EcoFly: Fare features and benefits

Turkish Airlines offers three fares for traveling in Economy class namely: EcoFly, ExtraFly and PrimeFly. These fare marks in question differ essentially in the weight of the baggage returned under the aircraft and the methods of return and exchange.

Traveling in Economy Class with the Turkish Airlines EcoFly fare means you can take advantage of offers at excellent fares.

Characteristics of the EcoFly fare

It is the cheapest fare brand offered by Turkish Airlines. The baggage allowance included allows the transport of a piece of baggage of up to 15 kg in the cabin.

It is also important to note that when booking a ticket with EcoFly, the passenger does not have access to the free seat selection service.

Passenger seats are determined automatically by the system during flight check-in. Passengers who prefer other ticket types other than EcoFly can choose standard seats for free up to 6 hours before their flight.

Each time you make a flight reservation with this rate, you do not earn any miles.
Access to airport lounges

Only Miles&Smiles members can use the passenger lounge. Please click to become a member of the Miles&Smiles program.

Take advantage of exclusive discount offers

What reductions on your plane tickets? Turkish Airlines applies a 20% discount for students traveling in Economy class with the EcoFly fare, in the following classes: B, M, A, H, S, O, E, Q, T, L

– Baby travel without plane ticket: Their parent must pay a fee of 34 to 39TL.

– Travel of small children (2 to 12 years old): These benefit from a 10% discount on their reservations made in class B, M, A, H, S, O, E, Q, T, L

– Military corps travel: they have access to a 15% discount in class: B, M, A, H, S, O, E, Q, T, L.

– Flying with a companion with reduced mobility: they get a 20% discount in class B, M, A, H, S, O, E, Q, T, L.

– Sons/daughters of martyrs: Those passengers under the age of 25 can enjoy a 20% discount on the EcoFly fare when traveling in class: B, M, A, H, S, O, E, Q, T, L.

– Deadline for purchasing air tickets: 7 days maximum before departure.

Flight ticket change fees

The passenger to pay a fee of 150R TL by making changes to the reservation between one and twelve hours before departure.

Changes cannot be made to bookings made in W/U class. When flying between Cyprus and Ercan, the fee is 180TL.

Catering service is included in the price for all economy class fare brands as it will not be possible to discriminate during the flight.

In addition, although the status is not miles, under the new application it is possible to earn up to 250 miles in ExtraFly and 500 miles in PrimeFly.

Flight Cancellation and Refund Policy

Tickets booked with the EcoFly fare are non-refundable under any circumstances, unless canceled due to a problem caused by Turkish Airlines.

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