An online system to manage the booking of flights made with Freebird Airlines

If your travel plans change, you can modify your reservation at any time before departure. Now you can manage your booking with Freebird Airlines’ online tool.

Where and how to modify a Freebird Airlines plane ticket?

If you have already booked a flight with Freebird Airlines, you can manage it here to make changes or cancellations.

From the Freebird Airlines website, all you have to do is choose the date on which you want to travel without paying any additional costs. It is more advantageous than choosing a single one-way ticket.

If your plane ticket bears the mention Modifiable without Fees, then you will not have to pay these administration fees. If changing an itinerary, date or time of a flight does not seem to incur additional costs excluding management fees.

Be aware that you have the possibility, whatever the price or the type of your ticket, to modify certain data such as: The number which was entered during the reservation A change of e-mail address or telephone number Your address of destination, your passport or visa number.

The Turkish company offers its customers and passengers an online tool to facilitate the management of their flight reservation.

The section Manage my Booking, accessible on, allows you to consult and see the details of the flight booking, while having the possibility of modifying the date or time of departure, change of the airport of departure or cancellation of the flight.

To have access to your flight data, you must identify yourself by providing or changing your name and booking reference. From this section, it is possible to add or remove services such as the purchase of additional luggage, meal order, …

Reservation changes are possible up to one day before departure. Your reservation is confirmed once Freebird Airlines receives payment of the full amount due for your reservation.

If you wish to cancel your reservation, you can also go to this section to cancel your flight. In most cases, you can modify your reservation and reconfirm that the data entered is correct and correct before confirming your registration.

Modify the reservation by phone

You can change your reservation by contacting the Customer Contact Center on +90.242.3495.747.

When booking, it is possible to add additional services/extras. What does that mean? When booking, you can book various additional services such as a preferred location for your holiday home, culinary arrangements or special services for furnishing your holiday home. This way you can organize your vacation according to your own tastes and preferences.

Incorrect name, call customer service to request a change

If you discover that your name, entered when booking the flight, has not been entered correctly, you can change it, but this may not be done online. Contact Freebird’s call center and request an agent to help you solve your problem.

A name change may be necessary in various cases, such as if the name is incorrect or if you want to transfer the ticket to someone else.

For the name change to be made, you must have the reservation code ready.

However, you can only change your name until online check-in closes before departure. It is therefore advisable to find out in advance about the duration of activation of online check-in on the Freebird website.

Name correction is also free if you have confused your first and last name or if you wish to have a middle or last name added.

If your last name has changed due to marriage or divorce, this correction is also free of charge, but you must first contact your airline’s customer service to do so.

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  1. Ravi Mistry

    Hi, we are due to fly to Turkey Antalya using the Freebird airlines in July and need our passenger names changing as the middle name hasn’t been added to match our passports. When I tried to email the customer services, I was told to contact them via whats app on +90 536 271 76 62 by someone called Engin AKGÖZ | Service Center. I contact them and they said it would cost £79.60 to do this but above you state name correction for adding a middle name is free. Please can you help in getting this amended.

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