Get your money back by requesting a refund from SunExpress in the event of a flight cancellation

SunExpress flight cancelled? This situation can occur at any time, causing moral inconvenience to the passenger. It can be due to the lack of personnel, technical problems on the planes due to lack of spare parts, strike of baggage handlers, …

You have the right to a full refund if your flight is cancelled, or if it is delayed for five hours, where you will have the choice of waiting for an alternative transport solution from your air operator, or giving up your reservation and get a refund.

Request a refund from SunExpress

The rules are not the same if the cancellation of your flight, by the airline, is made fourteen days or less before your departure. It is up to the air carrier to prove that it informed passengers of the cancellation of a flight as well as the time within which it did so.

How and where to submit your refund request?

You must apply for reimbursement of your plane ticket directly with the airline concerned, either online or by e-mail.

It is also possible to call customer service by telephone to find out about the situation and the possibility of obtaining a refund and compensation. Call + or other phone numbers.

If SunExpress contacts you less than two weeks before your departure date, it can offer you rerouting to your final destination under comparable conditions, on a date of your convenience. This solution is supposed to allow you to arrive safely within four hours of your scheduled arrival time.

If you opt for rerouting, the airline must cover all of your hotel and catering costs until you arrive at your final destination. You are also entitled to two telephone calls. Rerouting is not limited to flights of the airline that canceled the flight. The search for alternative transport must include other air carriers and other modes of transport. Rerouting must be offered at no additional cost.

If this alternative is impossible, your company must reimburse you in full and possibly pay you additional compensation. You also have the right to choose the reimbursement of your ticket, the airline is then released from its obligation to cover your hotel and catering costs.

How do I request a refund for a return flight?

You had to leave Turkey one of these next days? Were you notified that your flight was cancelled? Or have you been told that your return flight will be cancelled? You are entitled to renounce everything. You can file your claim for reimbursement by contacting the airline and, together with it, depending on your wishes, proceed with a cancellation of the outward and return flights.

Getting your plane ticket reimbursed: What is the procedure to follow?

In most cases, the refund payment is not automatic. It is up to the passenger to request it, generally by submitting a complaint directly to the customer service department of the SunExpress airline. This claim for compensation can be made by:

– Registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or directly online on the company’s website.

– In any case, it is advisable to attach all the travel documents relating to the canceled or delayed flight to your request:

– Electronic ticket,

– Reservation confirmation,

– Boarding pass (if you have checked in)

– Certificate issued by the carrier and relating to an incident, luggage tags,

– Receipts justifying expenses incurred, …

Is it possible to get a refund for my hotel reservation?

The cancellation of a flight can have cascading consequences if the traveler has booked services at their place of destination, for example, a hotel.

If it is a package trip (flight + stay), booked through an agency or a tour operator, there is no problem. In the event of cancellation of the flight, the possible cancellation of the hotel or the services reserved via the agency or the tour operator will go hand in hand.

On the other hand, if the traveler has booked a hotel by his own means and wishes to cancel it because of the strike in the airline sector, he must check the cancellation conditions with the hotelier. They were communicated to him, normally, during the reservation.

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