Pegasus offers infant baggage allowance

The big departure is approaching, you will soon be taking the Pegasus plane with your children, perhaps for the first time. They are very excited, you a little less, because you fear this trip. Managing a plane trip with young children can be scary, and that’s normal. How to occupy them during the flight? What to pack in your cabin baggage?

If this is your first time traveling by plane with a baby, it can be quite a stressful experience. It is true that each baby is unique, has its particularities and its particular way of calming down or getting excited. However, if we arrive at the airport well prepared, we will surely eliminate many unforeseen situations and make the trip pleasant.

Traveling with a baby is not at all easy, the preparations – at least the first time – are long and, if you have your clothes ready in just five minutes, for the baby you need at least a few days of planning. They are small but do not see what they have to take with them.

Costs to be paid for the transport of Baggage

First of all, you should know that FlyPGS charges costs for transporting luggage for babies/children if the latter travels without a reservation (on their parents’ lap). The fare charged changes depending on the flight booked:

  • Domestic (connecting two destinations in Turkey): 30 TRY
  • To Cyprus KKTC: 50 TRY
  • International (serving a destination outside Turkey): 6 USD

Prepare the luggage to be taken away for the child in the cabin before taking the plane

Before departure, make sure that all identity cards if you are traveling to Turkey or Europe or passports for more distant destinations of the whole family are still valid and in your possession.

As soon as your family trip is booked with Pegasus, find out about travel arrangements with children from the airline. For example, if your flight includes one or more meals, remember to book your children’s menus with the company.

Also check if the company allows your children to have hand luggage with them, it is often the case. If the child is entitled to their carry-on baggage, entrust them with a small suitcase or a wheeled bag that will make them happy. He can store his cuddly toy and toys intended for the flight. Don’t forget to keep a small space in your checked baggage so that you can put your child’s bag in there on arrival.

Before going to the airport, check the maximum dimensions allowed by Fly Pegasus for your cabin baggage to avoid unpleasant surprises at the airport.

Objects, clothes and other practical items to carry in baby’s luggage

– Health Items

Thermometer, paracetamol, dental gel, teething ring, eczema cream, dose of salt water for nose cleaning.

– Baby cleaning supplies

Washing sponge, cream for diapers, cleansing milk, cotton for cleaning, cotton swabs for the ears and wipes.

– Baby food

A box of powdered milk, fruit compote, …

Transporting your baby’s stroller on the plane

The airplane stroller has become essential for all parents in a few years. As nomadic as you can wish, compact and lightweight, the airplane cabin stroller simplifies your travels with your babies.

Fly Pegasus agrees to leave your child in their stroller until the boarding gate where they will be picked up by the board agents, and will be directed to the hold of the plane. And you can pick it up when you arrive at the destination.

Bring a car seat in the cabin

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to traveling with children by plane is whether it is possible to transport a car seat on the plane. The answer depends on a lot of different factors: how and where you travel, how old your children are, and how light you want to travel.

Indeed, if you are traveling with a baby or young child, you better hire a suitable car seat when renting a car abroad.

Car seats for this age group are very expensive and cumbersome to transport, while the rental price is not very high compared to what it costs.

On the other hand, if you are traveling with older children who can use a booster seat, it is the exact opposite. Travel boosters are cheap to buy, easy to take with you, and renting one would often mean paying more.

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