Schedule your reservation payments at SunExpress using the SEPA service

SEPA Transfer allows you to pay for your reservations and reservations on the SunExpress website by making transfers in Euros only, from your account to the Turkish company’s account.

Whether your SEPA transfer order is issued at a branch or via your remote banking service, you must always indicate:

– Number of the account to be debited,

– The amount,

– Possible date of execution desired,

– Bank details of the account (IBAN, BIC) to be credited.

You can also specify the purpose of the transfer (for example: Flight reservation), this will facilitate the monitoring of your account and your budget.

With this online payment method, you can make two types of transfers: occasional where the order is given once for a single payment, and regular where the order is given for several regular payments of the same amount at the same time.

Using this means of payment is undoubtedly the ideal solution for paying your reservations online with SunExpress.

The instant transfer makes it possible to remove a major obstacle: the time lag, of at least 24 hours, between the issuance of the traditional SEPA transfer and its receipt.

Whether you are planning a trip by plane with SunExpress, in Europe, in Africa or in the rest of the world, it is better to have a payment method like SEPA so that you do not have to pay withdrawal or payment fees.

Cancellation of a reservation made with a SEPA transfer

It is not possible to cancel an instant SEPA transfer once it has been received by your bank due to the irrevocable nature of transfers.

Payment with SEPA: What advantages for passengers?

Such a system was put in place with the aim of harmonizing, securing and reducing payment costs in a new common area, in this case Europe. Thus all players, consumers and businesses, in the SEPA area can make payments under the same technical and financial conditions. Payment transactions will then be invoiced in the same way as payments in the national territory. To sum up concretely, the five main advantages of SEPA credit transfers are:

– Choose the provider that will allow you to send money to the beneficiary account.

– Know the recipient’s bank details and enter them into the payment tool.

– Fill in the amount to be sent to the beneficiary’s account and make the transfer.

Only the beneficiary’s bank details are the main information required to be able to make a payment to an external account. In the context of SEPA, it is the BIC code and the IBAN number which are the unique details of each account.

It is quite possible to set up a direct debit by SEPA which authorizes the systematic sending of money transfers between your account and that of SunExpress. In this case, it suffices to sign a SEPA Direct Debit mandate to authorize the recurrence.

Pay your reservations in Euro

Doing transactions in the SEPA zone in a single currency is as quick as it is easy. As soon as it comes to doing the same thing with different currencies, everything becomes more complex and more expensive. To skew traditional banking devices, opt for more transparent and less expensive alternatives.

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