Various ways and solutions to contact and reach Pegasus customer service

Pegasus is a Turkish airline, based at Istanbul Airport and is very famous for its low cost services.

The Turkish carrier operates its flights all over Europe and serves more than one hundred destinations around the world, including the main cities of Turkey, and the biggest destinations in Europe and Asia.

Online form to contact FlyPGS

You can also contact the Pegasus teams using the contact form. You will find it on the brand’s website, in the Contact section. Once on the page, you will be prompted to enter your email. After that, you must select from the menu, the subject of your request. Then, you must select the subject that concerns your request (reservation, request for information, complaint, …). Then, you must give more details about your request and you can send it in one click.

The customer service of the Turkish operator is working to answer you as soon as possible. Since the contact form is a preferred way to get in touch with this company, you should not hesitate to use it to formulate all your requests.

Various Ways to Contact Fly Pegasus Airline

Pegasus is keen to be in contact with its customers and to respond effectively to their needs. So, she set up various means to contact her customer service.

The Turkish company offers a customer service from which it intends to help its users. You can contact the airline through the phone number to file complaints. In the event of an exception and not being able to communicate, the airline also offers other digital channels. If unable to communicate, you can contact this operator using:

– Phone number to call the call center

The main telephone line offered by this operator is: 0888 228 12 12 (Turkey). Call hours: Every day, 24 hours a day.

You can also contact Pegasus using other phone numbers. Choose the one that corresponds to your country and dial it to find and communicate with a customer relations agent at this operator.

Get information on ticket prices and buy cheap flights. Flight status and schedule information. Book a Pegasus ticket. Get information on change or cancellation policies or request information on services offered during the flight, …

– Head office address

You can visit the central office of Pegasus which is located at this address: Aeropark Yenişehir Mah. Osmanli Bulvari No:11/A 34912 – Kurtkoy / ISTANBUL.

– Other ways to communicate with Fly Pegasus

The airline offers a mobile application platform from which you can manage your reservations, access special offers and advantages of the BolBol loyalty program, book flights, get your questions answered and much more.

If you want to file a complaint, leave your opinion or comments related to the service offered by the airline FlyPGS. You only need to open the website. Do not forget to fill in the necessary fields so that the company’s customer service staff can also process your request satisfactorily.

– Social media

The social media platform including Facebook and Twitter, is a most important tool for the operation of any business including Pegasus. From this platform, customers can communicate with the bell quickly and easily.

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  1. Veronika

    Hello. Tell me please about flight pc-1522 pc-1551 Moscow-Podgorica, is it one flight? Will I have to check in my luggage again? Will I be able to do this when transferring to Izmir in 1 hour and 10 minutes?

  2. Sheida von Münchow

    ære Pegasus Airline kunde service

    Vi har via bestilt en rejse med fly Tur/Retur fra København til Istanbul. Bestillingsdato: Den 19.nov.2019 med hotel ophold i Istanbol på Glorious Hotel fra 06.04.2020 – 18.04.2020 i alt 12 overnatninger. Vi har også tegnet en afbestillingsforsikring hos Expedia:
    Afbestillingsforsikrings policenr.: 1217874888
    Expedia henviser på jeres hjemmeside at få refunderet beløbet direkte via flyselskabet som i denne tilfælde er Pegasus Airlines.

    Vi har modtaget Cancellation mail for både afrejse fra københavn til Istanbul og tilbage rejsen fra Istanbul til København. Der henvises til en link, hvor man skal indtaste PNR No. som de har oplyst i mailen og Surname. Vi indtaster begge to, dog siden melder at PNR No. ikke findes.

    Vi har også prøvet at ringe til Pegasus Airlines men kan ikke komme igennem.
    I mellemtiden har vi modtaget de udbetalte penge til hotel ophold, men mangler stadig udbetaling af flyrejse til 2 personer udbetalt fra Pgasus Airlines.

    I bedes derfor at refundere beløbet asap, da der er gået mere end 2 måneder fra rejse tiden.
    Det drejer sig om et beløb: kr. 3542,- for både undertegnede og Farrokh Yousef Beik.
    Vis eksempel af vedhæftet fil PC 1072 2020.04.06 Uçuş İptal Bildirimi / Flight Cancellation Notification.eml
    Rejseplan nummer: 7495826925734
    Reservations-id: U1F1219DX

    Pegasus Airline:
    PNR No. HDU2D2
    Flight No: PC1072 (København – Istanbul) & PC1073 (Istanbul – København)

    – Farrokh Yusef-Beik
    – Sheida von Munchow

    Vi ser frem til at modtage vores refunderinsbeløb snarest.
    Se venligst vedlagt mail fra Pegasus (Hvor PNR no. ikke virker)
    Med venlig hilsen
    Sheida von Münchow 21440419

    Vis eksempel af vedhæftet fil PC 1073 2020.04.18 Uçuş İptal Bildirimi / Flight Cancellation Notification.eml

    PC 1073 2020.04.18 Uçuş İptal Bildirimi / Flight Cancellation Notification.eml

    PC 1072 2020.04.06 Uçuş İptal Bildirimi / Flight Cancellation Notification.eml
    6.9 KB


    Hello! I do not understand where to check in for a flight online? Give me a link please. My flight PC 1295 PEGASUS (A-320) 23.05.2023 Moscow (VKO-A 02:50) -> Antalya (AYT 1 07:35)

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