What liquids are allowed in handbags and checked baggage on SunExpress flights?

For all passengers planning to board a SunExpress aircraft in the near future, it is recommended that they inform themselves about what items they can carry in their hand luggage and what they should put in their checked baggage. They must not be disappointed when they pass the security check. One of the things that causes the most headaches is the issue of liquids.

What is considered liquid?

– Water and other drinks, soups, syrups;

– Creams, pastes (including toothpaste), lotions and oils, scent;

– Gel, such as shower gel or shampoo;

Contents of pressurized containers, including shaving foam, – other foams and deodorants;

– Aerosols;

– Any other substance of similar consistency.

Once you know what liquids are, it’s time to figure out which ones you’re allowed to take with you in your hand luggage.

Liquids in individual containers with a capacity not exceeding 100 milliliters contained in turn in a transparent plastic bag with an opening/closing system and with a capacity not exceeding 1 liter whose maximum dimensions are 20cm x 20cm.

Only one bag can be carried per passenger, including children. The contents of this bag should fit snugly and the bag containing the contents should be completely resealable. Passengers must obtain these bags before the start of their journey.

Liquids that must be used during the trip (outbound flight, stay, return flight) either for medical needs or because of the need for special diets, including food for children. It is recommended that, as far as possible, the passenger take with him the medical prescription or the justification of his particular condition Liquids such as drinks, cosmetics, perfumes, … which are purchased in the shops at the airport or at on board an aircraft of any airline including SunExpress and which are packed in approved and sealed security bags, inside which is the receipt of purchase at the airport or on board the aircraft. They should not be opened until they have reached the final destination.

The personnel of the commercial establishments and the crew will offer the passenger all the necessary information on the transport of the purchased liquids.

How is the security check at the airport?

If you are traveling with any of these liquids in your hand baggage, you must remove it from it, place it in the tray provided for this purpose and present it to security for inspection separately from the rest of the hand baggage. The liquids you should present in this way are:

All liquids in individual containers of a capacity not exceeding 100 milliliters or equivalent placed in a transparent plastic bag with a closure system, of a capacity not exceeding 1 liter, in which they fit comfortably when the bag is closed.

All others, including those packed in security bags. When security personnel open these bags to check them, the liquids will be packed in a new security bag provided by the airport.

Security personnel may require the opening of containers containing liquids to perform the inspection. Passengers carrying liquids that do not pass inspection or with those that the traveler does not allow to be inspected will not be permitted access to the restricted area of ​​the airport or the aircraft cabin.

Take liquids in checked baggage

Unlike the transport of liquids in hand luggage, which is subject to special regulations, liquids of all kinds can also be transported in checked baggage without quantity restrictions.

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