Find cheap accommodation to rent with AirBNB through Pegasus

Pegasus airline offers a pool of opportunities for its passengers to organize the entire trip on the Turkish airline’s website, involving popular companies and services in cooperation.

The Turkish low-cost operator offers travelers the opportunity to earn BolPoints miles by booking accommodation through the Airbnb online service.

For every Turkish lira or dollar spent on paying for unique accommodation with local residents, authentic apartments and rooms, houses on the ocean, yachts and even medieval castles – one mile will be credited to the subscriber’s account in the BolBol program. Whether you are in Istanbul, Paris, Exeter or New York or Dubai, … You can find great accommodation rental opportunities at the best prices by making reservations on the Turkish company’s website.

Supporting the trend towards independent travel, Pegasus offers its customers the possibility of fully preparing their trip on its own website: buying plane tickets, booking accommodation, renting a car, taking out insurance, obtaining a guide.

Turkey’s airline knows how much its passengers value their personal time and the ability of companies to make a profitable individual offer to them. The impression of the trip largely depends on the place they choose as their home for the duration of the trip.

It’s already possible to earn miles by booking hotels on, and now Pegasus is introducing a new partner to program participants, the popular Airbnb platform, which has more than six million accommodations for rent around the world.

Inflate your BolBol account by making rentals at AirBnb through Pegasus

To earn miles, you need to go to Airbnb from It will be convenient if you first log in to your personal BolBol account: in this case, you will not have to additionally indicate the member number of the loyalty program when booking accommodation. Miles accumulated can be used for award flights and additional services.

Pegasys partners with Airbnb to enhance accommodation options for its passengers. Airbnb is the first community platform offering private accommodation around the world.

The partnership with FlyPGS allows the latter to offer its travelers a wide choice of accommodation in Turkey and in the various countries where it serves flights, thus strengthening the possibilities of stays currently offered by the carrier.

Real added value to its offer, the partnership allows Airbnb to benefit from a new impetus on the Turkish market by establishing a stronger link with the new generation of travelers, in search of unique travel experiences, both in Turkey and in the whole world.

A growing number of Turkish travelers are experiencing the exceptional and personalized offers offered by a platform such as Airbnb. Pegasus’ focus on being innovative and delivering unforgettable travel experiences enables it to anticipate new customer needs and quickly adapt to market trends.

Airbnb’s philosophy is centered on providing unique experiences for today’s travelers who are constantly looking for new and interesting ways to travel. Turkish travelers or those who take the flights offered by Pegasus have become more demanding and wish to break away from conventional means of transport and accommodation.

Pegasus guests, who are also Airbnb guests, can benefit from the added value of combining these dynamic brands.

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