Cheap cars to rent from Budget on the Turkish Airlines website

Renting a car from Budget through Turkish Airlines means taking advantage of exclusive rates, among the best on the market. This American car rental company offers a wide range of vehicles in Turkey and in various countries around the world.

With more than a thousand agencies spread over more than ninety countries around the world including Turkey, you will be sure to find the ideal place to rent your vehicle at the best rates, to move around quietly during your stay.

Getting around is one of the most important things to do on a trip. You can get lost or just miss some places if you don’t have a good transportation system in place. Turkish Airlines has an agreement with Budget to help you quickly rent a vehicle at exclusive rates, perfectly matching your travel needs.

When you choose a car rental company like Budget, you can be sure that you will enjoy excellent customer service and provide you with all the information about their vehicles as well as excellent insurance coverage. If you’re renting a vehicle for business purposes, it’s also a good idea to choose a company that offers the additional services that can go along with your job.

Do you plan to travel long distances during your stay? Are you going to spend a lot of time sightseeing?

Budget can meet your specific travel needs. From this company, you can borrow the best deals of cars, vans or SUVs for rent in Istanbul Airport, Turkey. Find your ideal vehicle rental to get the most out of your trip.

All vehicles offered by Budget are fully insured and always checked before delivery. Its service includes airport delivery to any location in the world from one day to eight weeks. This company offers competitive pricing and excellent customer service. Make your reservation online now on the site and take advantage of authentic rates and incredible discounts

Rental Locations: There are over a hundred locations worldwide including Turkey where you can rent cars from Budget.

We put at your disposal a wide range of cars available that can meet your needs ranging from economy class to luxury cars. You can choose between sedans, convertibles, coupes, minivans, station wagons, …

One of Budget’s added values is that they provide full service for your rental car. That means she takes care of everything from window cleaning, oil changes, air conditioning to checking tire pressure. It’s just one less thing to worry about when traveling.

Car rental insurance

Budget offers several insurance packages that will cover you against any perils such as damage caused by theft or collision.

Book online with Turkish Airlines now and save on your car rentals.

Earning and accumulating miles

When you book a Budget car rental service directly on the Turkish Airlines website, 500miles will be credited to your membership account for each rental day. Plus, you earn significantly more if you rent a vehicle in the Economy category for three days, and 2,500 miles if you rent another in the Luxury section for the same period.

To earn miles, the passenger will need to fill out this form. The prices displayed after launching the search for a vehicle available for rental on the Turkish Airlines website include all mandatory fees to be paid with no hidden extras.

If you plan to spend your stay in Turkey, the Turkish company invites you to rent a vehicle to take advantage of a 30% discount on the price of car rental at Budget, knowing that this offer is valid all year round.

To take advantage of this, enter this number L226300 when booking your service.

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