Easily contact SunExpress customer service by phone or online

SunExpress is the Turkish airline operator serving a network of more than one hundred destinations on three continents. Do you want to book a flight, buy excess baggage or find out about claim procedures following the loss of your baggage? Are you a customer and have questions about an upgrade? Boarding problem? Here are the various ways to get in touch with a Sun Express customer service agent easily.

SunExpress all implements different means to ensure that its customer service can be reached by its passengers. We thus find a telephone number, a postal address and an email address. The method of contact by telephone allows a quick response, so it is the most used.

By dialing +, you can call the airline’s customer service in Turkey, the sales department, to request information about your offers and packages or to make a complaint. The service is free and the call is at the cost of a normal call.

If you live outside Turkey, you must dial the number corresponding to your country:

Austria: 0820 898 797

Denmark: 0787 72825

Netherlands: 020 811 0777

Finland: 0931579405

France: 0821 770193

Norway: 800-11263

Sweden: 08-50 639542

Switzerland: +41 900 444797

Italy: 06 976 285 70

UK: 020 349 985 70

Belgium: 02 808 59 46

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania: +372 66 81 042

Other countries:

Contact SunExpress Customer Service Online

There are various ways to contact your operator’s customer service via the Internet. No more endless waits in store or on the phone.

As a SunExpress customer, it is possible to contact customer service by email. To do this, you must go to this page, then fill out the small form specifying the reason for your request and send an email via a dedicated form.

A special form is available for filing a claim if your baggage is ever lost or damaged.

Customer relations agents may communicate with you on social networks

SunExpress has set up a service similar to an after-sales service on Facebook and Twitter in particular. You can ask all your questions and a web consultant will answer you quickly.

You have several ways to get in touch with SunExpress, depending on whether you are an individual or a professional and whether you prefer the telephone or the internet.

This service is available 24/7. An advisor will answer your call. You will be able to speak to an advisor, modify or even cancel your offer, be repaired in the event of a breakdown or any problem, but also prevent and prepare for your move in complete serenity or make a complaint.

You have a complaint to make concerning a problem or a dispute between you and your operator. So, you are wondering how to contact this operator in order to solve this problem. Here again, you can contact SunExpress via your Customer Area in the section filing a complaint. There are three possibilities: either by email, or by email or form.

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  1. Syed Karam Shah

    HI, I’m a member of Miles& smile holding the number; 720297922. I lost the card somewhere during my last trip to USA. Appreciate if a new card is issued and dispatched to the following address:
    House no; 106, Street 05, Phase 2, Special, Bahria Town, Islamabad.
    Thanks and regards

  2. Alison Moat

    Hi when we booked this holiday for 9 people we researched your website for information regarding the transportation of electric wheelchairs as we have 2 electric wheelchair users in our party , you stated that you carry electric wheelchairs with dry cell batteries and that they could be disconnected which they both are now you are informing me that there is a height restriction on the hold , this was never stated on your website other airlines state if there is a height restriction. We now need to know if there is going to be a problem travelling, once disconnected and put on manual the chairs could be tilted back to be pulled into the loading compartment, the height restriction you state , i am unaware of any electric wheelchair that is that height there your website should not state that you carry electric wheelchairs. Please could you advise me of the position i am in . Ref myb11937519b

  3. leenaerts eddy

    ı wıll book a flıght on 6 junı 2023 2 adult and 1 lıttle dog max weıght ıncludıng bench 15kg flght no.xq 782 adana dusseldorf adana 03.u25

  4. leenaerts eddy

    hello ı want to book a flıght on sıxt junı 2persons adult from adana to bagagedusseldorf dırectly whıth my lıtte dog 9kg ınsıde bench need a specıal paper for bagage can you send me or ınformatıon? when dog ın aırplaın ı wıll book flıght tank you

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