Discover the Cash+Miles payment functionality of Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines offers its passengers to book a plane ticket through Cash & Miles, a service combining payment in award miles and cash.

This new way of using miles on all flights of the Turkish company can be used to book tickets to fly on all its domestic and international routes. Full or partial payment in award miles is therefore permitted, the rest of the ticket price can be paid in cash.

On the Turkish Airlines website, Miles & Smiles members can use their earned miles to partially or fully pay for any scheduled Star Alliance airline flight.

The passenger can pay up to 50% of the amount of his plane ticket by exploiting his miles.

To proceed with the reservation, it is necessary to enter in the appropriate field the amount of miles you wish to use, or to select this amount using the scale visible on the screen. The service is available for all classes and routes available on the Turkish airline’s website. In the same way as for a classic ticket, reservations made in this way will allow members of its loyalty program to collect award and status miles.

Save on your flight ticket prices with the Cash + Miles option

Book your flight with Cash & Miles and earn more miles with Turkish Airlines. Fly to more than 300 destinations, or benefit from exceptional offers when you travel in First or Business Class on its award-winning flights by paying for your airfare with the Cash+Miles option.

With the Cash & Miles payment option, you can spend all your award miles completely flexibly and book your next flight in whole or in part with miles and cash. Miles are added at no additional cost, making it an even better deal than paying just cash. You can also use this payment solution to pay your hotel reservation fees or to rent cars on arrival at your destination, …

The best thing about Cash & Miles is that there are no rules on how you use those award miles; so if you want to use them to upgrade your flight to first class or save for a longer stay at a premium hotel, you can do that.

Pay with the Cash+Miles solution: How to start the procedure?

To be able to use this option to pay for your plane ticket reservation, you must log in to your Miles & Smiles account and then make the payment in one click.

You can start by choosing the amount of cash or miles you want to use; then choose from one of the many great offers. Once you have selected your flight, simply add it to your basket along with any other items you wish to purchase. Pay for all eligible items as you normally do via PayPal or credit card.

This option allows you to buy a plane ticket at a lower price using the miles that are part of your Miles & Smiles account. This is an exclusive offer, so it can only be booked through the Turkish Airlines website.

Various means of payment to buy your plane ticket

When you book your flight with cash and miles, you will need to pay for your airfare by credit card. You can do it with your American Express Card or the other cards approved by Turkish Airlines like Diners Club, UATP, iDeal and Klarna, …

Please note that we can accept payment in other currencies, but this means that the cost of your flight may vary depending on exchange rates at the time of your transaction.

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