Turkish Airlines and Thai Airways further strengthen their partnership by announcing a joint venture

In a bid to strengthen their current collaboration, the national airline of Turkey and that of Thailand, both Star Alliance members, have signed a preliminary agreement to establish a network joint venture for flights between Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. This strategic partnership aims to extend their reach and provide enhanced services to passengers traveling between these two regions.

The existing codeshare agreement between Turkish Airlines and Thai Airways has allowed passengers to seamlessly connect between their extensive networks. With this new joint venture, the two companies intend to take their collaboration to the next level by improving connectivity, optimizing flight schedules and offering a more unified customer experience.

This partnership will benefit both airlines and their customers in several ways. First, it will give travelers more options, allowing them to choose from more destinations and flight times. This will be especially beneficial for those who travel frequently between Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, such as business travelers and tourists.

By combining their resources, Turkish Airlines and Thai Airways will be able to optimize flight schedules and improve aircraft utilization, resulting in more efficient operations. This will not only reduce costs, but also contribute to a more sustainable aviation sector by minimizing unnecessary flights and reducing carbon emissions.

In addition, this joint venture will allow the two air carriers to share their expertise and best practices in various areas, including marketing, sales and customer service. By leveraging each other’s strengths and knowledge, they will be able to improve their overall market competitiveness and provide passengers with a seamless travel experience.

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