Turkish Airlines strengthens the fleet of its subsidiary AJet

In a bold move, Turkish Airlines recently announced that it has sold five of its aircraft to its newly established subsidiary, AJet. This strategic decision marks a significant turning point in the operational structure of the Turkish national airline.

The transformation goes beyond a simple transfer of aircraft, as AnadoluJet, the existing subsidiary of Turkish Airlines, will be fully absorbed by AJet. This consolidation aims to strengthen Turkish Airlines’ position in the international market by focusing on specific segments and optimizing resources.

This transfer is not simply a rearrangement of the fleet, but a transaction where ownership of aircraft is transferred to AJet as capital in kind. A decision that demonstrates Turkish Airlines’ confidence in the growth and success potential of its new subsidiary in the global aviation landscape.

AJet, the new low-cost airline, is preparing to make its summer debut with an impressive fleet of 88 planes. This diverse fleet will include the five Boeing 737-800s acquired by Turkish Airlines, as well as a combination of other aircraft tailored to different market segments.

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