Turkish Airlines will spread its wings to Denver

In the dynamic world of commercial aviation, Turkish Airlines continues to mark its global expansion by adding ever more attractive destinations to its international network. This time around, Turkey’s national carrier has turned its attention to North America, announcing a new route that promises to bring the two countries’ cultures and economies even closer together. Starting June 11, 2024, this airline will connect Istanbul to Denver, Colorado, marking its fourth destination in the United States.

This new route (non-stop) is major news for travelers on both sides of the Atlantic. Denver, known for its picturesque setting at the foot of the Rocky Mountains and its spirit of innovation, becomes accessible without stopover from Istanbul, the city which stands majestically at the crossroads of the European and Asian continents. Turkish Airlines will operate this long-haul service at a regular rate of three flights per week.

To ensure passenger comfort and satisfaction on this nearly 12-hour route, this airline operator chose to use the Airbus A350-900. This choice is not trivial. This large aircraft is recognized for its energy efficiency, reduced ecological footprint and superior level of comfort. The aircraft, which can accommodate up to 316 passengers, is configured in two travel classes: Economy, offering 288 seats, and Business, with 28 seats.

The announcement of this new destination highlights Turkish Airlines’ ambitious strategy to connect more cities across the world, making the Middle Eastern country’s capital an even more central global hub. With its strategic location and modern airport, Istanbul is positioning itself as a major hub for international travelers looking to explore Europe, Asia, Africa, and now, with the addition of Denver, even more access direct to the United States.

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