Turkish Airlines: Six other Boeing 737 MAX 8 for its subsidiary

Turkish Airlines has announced its intention to expand its fleet by leasing six additional Boeing 737 MAX 8 from CBD Aviation for its subsidiary Anadolujet. The strategic move comes as TA seeks to meet the growing demand for air travel in the region and improve its operations.

The Boeing 737 MAX 8 is an advanced aircraft renowned for its fuel efficiency, reliability and passenger comfort. It incorporates advanced technologies and design features that help improve performance and reduce environmental impact. By adding these six aircraft to its fleet, the Turkish national carrier aims to improve its operational efficiency and provide a better flight experience to its customers.

The decision to lease aircraft from CBD Aviation demonstrates the Turkish flag carrier’s commitment to growth and innovation. CBD Aviation is a renowned aircraft leasing company specializing in providing customized leasing solutions to airlines around the world.

Anadolujet, a subsidiary of Turkish Airlines, focuses on domestic and regional flights within Turkey and neighboring countries. This expansion of its fleet will allow Anadolujet to serve more destinations, increase its capacity and meet the growing demand for air transport in the region. With the addition of these six Boeing 737 MAX 8, Anadolujet can offer its passengers a superior travel experience while ensuring operational efficiency.

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