Turkish Airlines reveals the prices of its flights to Algeria

Among the essential destinations of the Mediterranean, Turkey is in the podium of the most visited countries.

Thanks to its geographical location which connects the two continents of Asia and Europe, a crossroads between civilizations, its breathtaking landscapes and its economic and infrastructural development make the former Ottoman Turkish empire a tourist destination of choice, but also a country of immigration especially for Algerians.

Indeed, without counting the large number of Algerian tourists who graze the soil of the Anatolian territory each year, Turkey is home to a large Algerian community on its territory, a country highly appreciated for its quality of life and the many points in common between the cultures of the two countries.

The summer is shaping up to be very hectic for this year, as after 3 years of Covid things are starting to return to normal, with holidaymakers picking up their backpacks and expats returning home.

For those wishing to travel to Turkey from Algeria and vice versa, various companies provide transport between Algiers and Istanbul, the price of tickets varies according to the period and the airline of your choice.

Flights to Istanbul are available only with Turkish Airlines at the minimum price of TRY 16712 up to TRY 33948 in the same month.

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