Turkish Airlines: A new destination enriches its network

Travelers looking to get to Krakow, Poland can opt for a new transportation choice, as Turkish Airlines has announced that it is adding the city to its flight network.

According to the national carrier’s announcement, Turkish Airlines will operate three weekly flights between Istanbul and Krakow starting this month. The route will be served by the Turkish company’s Boeing 737-800s and will offer business class and economy class options. Flight tickets are displayed from 4976 Turkish Lira (255 USD).

Krakow, known for its charming old town and historic landmarks such as Wawel Castle and Wieliczka Salt Mine, has become an increasingly popular tourist destination in recent years. With the addition of Turkish Airlines to its flight network, the city is expected to see an even greater influx of visitors from Turkey and beyond.

For the Turkish flag carrier, the new route to Krakow is part of its continued expansion strategy, which has seen the airline add many destinations to its network in recent years.

The airline’s decision to add the European destination to its network also comes at a time of recovery for the global aviation industry, which has been hit hard by the pandemic.

For travelers, the creation of this connection means more options and greater flexibility when planning trips to this charming Polish city. With Turkish Airlines offering connections to over 300 destinations around the world, travelers can easily continue their journey beyond Istanbul to other parts of the world.

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