Turkish Airlines changes its baggage policy on its flights serving Algeria

Turkish Airlines recently announced that it will change its baggage allowance policy on flights to Algeria. The company will move from the concept of weight to the concept of parts.

The piece concept, as opposed to the weight concept, is a baggage allowance system based on the number of pieces of baggage a passenger can take on board, rather than the weight of that baggage. The advantage of the Piece Concept is that passengers can take more suitcases on their flights without having to worry about exceeding the weight limits.

What are the new limits?

Under the new policy, passengers traveling in economy class will be able to carry two bags, each weighing up to 23 kilograms while those taking their flights in business class will be able to carry two bags, each weighing up to 32 kilograms.

In terms of dimensions, Turkish Airlines does not allow baggage whose total dimensions (width + length + depth) exceed 158cm.

In a statement, the Turkish airline announced that passengers who booked their plane tickets before April 4 can benefit from the new franchise.

The decision to switch to Piece Concept for flights to Algeria is part of Turkish Airlines’ efforts to improve the customer experience and provide more flexibility to passengers. By allowing its travelers to take more luggage on board, the airline meets the needs of its customers and makes their trips more convenient.

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