For an ecological future, Pegasus Airlines uses Skybreathe 360°

In a resolutely focused approach towards sustainability, Pegasus Airlines announced that it has adopted the revolutionary ecological flight platform, SkyBreathe® 360°, developed by OpenAirlines. This initiative is part of the airline’s desire to reduce its carbon footprint and actively contribute to preserving the environment.

The SkyBreathe® 360° platform uses advanced algorithms to analyze flight data in real-time, enabling Pegasus Airlines to implement more sustainable operational practices. By optimizing flight parameters, this innovative technology can help airline operators reduce fuel consumption and, consequently, CO2 emissions.

However, Pegasus Airlines’ commitment does not stop there. In addition to SkyBreathe® 360°, the airline has also chosen to integrate SkyBreathe® MyFuelCoach. This custom app provides additional support to its pilots, actively guiding them towards more energy-efficient flight decisions. By providing real-time advice on fuel consumption, MyFuelCoach helps to increase crew environmental awareness and maximize fuel savings.

This transition to more environmentally friendly operations highlights the importance of continuous innovation for Fly Pegasus to achieve its sustainable goals, while ensuring optimal operational performance.

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