Coredon Airlines: Disruption in its flight schedule to Münster-Osnabrück

Corendon Airline takes over a number of routes from the flight plan. Six connections are concerned at Münster-Osnabrück airport (FMO).

As part of a savings program, airport companies Corendon and Corendon Europe have removed many seasonal routes from the flight schedule earlier than originally planned.

Münster-Osnabrück Airport (FMO) is also affected by cancellations. Adana and Ankara destinations will only be served until August 27, Faro until August 6 and Zonguldak until September 7. The connection to Funchal is to be completely discontinued for the winter of 2022/2023 and apparently only one plane per week will fly to the Greek island of Kos in September and October.

The FMO understands the cuts and doesn’t panic. “There is no doubt: of course we prefer that a seasonal flight plan be respected. But such changes are not unusual,” says airport spokesman Andrés Heinemann. Corendon flies from FMO to 17 different destinations, including popular holiday destinations such as the Canary and Greek Islands.

The deletions mentioned are so-called ethnic connections. “There are certain destinations in the flight schedule, such as Ankara and Zonguldak, which are used by people who have family in Turkey, for example. So these are mainly destinations that we fly to with the aim of vacation at home,” said the airport spokesperson.

Corendon was consulted and, according to the company, demand for these same destinations has fallen sharply. The rising cost of living and inflation, it was believed, meant that people would have reduced the number of holidays they took at home.

“In Faro and Funchal the situation is somewhat different. Portugal is considered a very special destination and usually goes through a difficult period. Here, too, the deletion is no surprise,” says Heinemann. The fact that airlines also have to pay attention to their cost structure is understandable and, as Heinemann puts it, “very reasonable”. For the winter flight plan, links would have been among the candidates for deletion anyway. The flights mentioned are all routes that only departed from FMO once a week.

“We can compensate for all these thefts. We have absorbed the number of passengers with the flights to Antalya alone. And we currently have alternative flights every night landing here because there is a ban on night flights elsewhere,” Heinemann said. “We will not have fewer passengers at FMO as a result of the cancellations.”

Turkish Airlines announces its departure to Kilimanjaro

Turkish Airlines has announced the relaunch of its services between Istanbul and Kilimanjaro. Departing from sub from the airport of the Turkish capital, the national carrier plans to offer from now on four weekly frequencies to the international airport of the city of Tnzanie.

The flights are served and provided by Airbus A330-300. This flight is added again to the Turkish Airlines program after having suspended it more than two years after the closure of the airspace between Turkey and Tanzania after the spread of covid.

Kilimanjaro is located between Kenya and Tanzania. It is the highest mountain peak in Africa. On the Tanzanian side, there is a national park located on the edge of the mountain. This former reserve of the German colonial government is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There are many riches in fauna and flora. It is possible to practice different kinds of activities in the region such as climbing the summit, hunting with the indigenous peoples, excursions as well as hiking and walking in the various parks.

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