Turkish Airlines and KM Malta Airlines enter into codeshare partnership

Turkish Airlines and KM Malta Airlines have formalized a codeshare agreement, expanding travel horizons for their passengers. This collaboration now offers increased possibilities for connections between Turkey and Malta.

On this occasion, Bilal Ekşi, CEO of Turkish Airlines, said that this agreement is an important milestone to strengthen ties between the two countries, significantly improving access to key destinations. “This partnership is a boon for our passengers who are looking to explore new destinations with greater ease, especially to Malta, an island that is growing in popularity every year,” he explained.

For his part, David G. Curmi, President of KM Malta Airlines, shared his enthusiasm regarding the prospects offered by this agreement with one of the largest airlines in Europe. “This is a strategic step to expand our network and offer our customers greater travel flexibility, particularly to Istanbul, one of the most dynamic and visited metropolises in the world,” he emphasized.

What are the benefits for travelers of the two airline operators?

The recently concluded codeshare agreement between KM Malta and Turkish Airlines opens new doors for passengers of both airlines, providing them with increased flexibility and expanded access to a wider network of destinations. Through this partnership, passengers can book flights on either airline as if they were part of a single network, simplifying trips involving stopovers and connections. This means travelers can enjoy smoother connections and more convenient schedules, making travel between Turkey, Malta, and beyond easier. Additionally, this collaboration can potentially offer additional benefits such as the accumulation and redemption of frequent flyer miles on flights operated by both carriers, improving the overall traveler experience.

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